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My dreams stink

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Everyone dreams. As kids we dreamed of being a fireman, nurse, or a famous rock/pop star. As we age our dreams change to wanting to be successful, happy, or rich. Sometimes we wish for things we know are out of … Continue reading

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All in: My risky, and potentially smelly, move

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Most days as I make the slow shuffle through the parking lot at work, I clutch my coffee and think about how much I want to win the lottery or what tasks are on my plate for the day. But … Continue reading

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MovemberMania 2015: Update #1

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We are only five days into our Movember 2015 campaign and everyone’s mustaches are starting to come in nicely. What’s also coming in are our donations. We’ve already received quite a few, but we still have a long way to … Continue reading

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Welcome to MovemberMania 2015

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There’s always a lot going on during this time of year: pumpkin-spice-flavored everything, leftover Halloween candy, the time change, stores breaking out the Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. But I’ve added something else to mix over the last four … Continue reading

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Solved: My costume conundrum

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In my previous post, I wrote about the Halloween costume conundrum that Tammy and I were facing. Well, here’s what we decided on…

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My costume conundrum

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I’ve tried to get into the spirit of “All Hallows Eve” by including Savannah, but for the most part Halloween just isn’t something I do. Tammy would get excited about seeing all the “little beggars” invading our neighborhood. I just … Continue reading

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My irreversible condition

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Some men age gracefully, easily transitioning into middle age and embracing everything that comes with it. Then there’s me. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more cynical, sarcastic, snarky, and easily annoyed. Hell, in my Food 4 Thought column in … Continue reading

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My experience at Best Memphis Burger Fest

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I remember the first time I was asked to be a judge for Best Memphis Burger Fest like it was yesterday. I was so excited — I literally ran down the hall giddy with excitement to tell Tammy — and … Continue reading

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Sometimes I can be a snob

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No one likes admitting they are a snob. It evokes comparisons to Paris Hilton, the Olsen twins, any of the Real Housebitches of Whatever County, or countless other pretentious people in society. Admitting that I can be snobbish at times … Continue reading

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The day my love of food cost me

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When I hear that new food spots open in my town, my interest is peaked. When those spots aren’t another chain and are instead locally owned, I get excited. So when I recently found out about a new Mexican ice … Continue reading

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