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The day I woke up without…

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This past Saturday morning I woke up without something for the first time since 2010. In fact, it was only the second time in the past six years that I’d been without it for more than an hour. Saturday morning … Continue reading

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How I got a FREE Keurig 2.0

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For years my wife and I have been engaged in a coffee war. Well, it’s not so much a coffee war, because we both agree on what coffee to use. Maybe war is too harsh, it was more of a … Continue reading

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Something strange in my neighborhood

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As some of you know, I’ve been writing a Food 4Thought column for one of the magazine titles I design ( During the summer I tend to target people attending big car shows across the country by writing about local … Continue reading

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Meet our new addition

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“You know he can’t hear you, right?” There’s no way I could count the number of times Tammy said that, or a similar statement, over the past few days. What started out as a weekend to do things around the … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 50: By the Numbers

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Any time Peyton Manning is playing on our TV it makes for an interesting evening. As the stakes get higher, so does the entertainment value in watching Tammy, who lives and dies on almost every play involving Peyton. The stakes … Continue reading

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Why we’ll be watching the Super Bowl alone

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My wife’s love of all things Peyton Manning is no secret. Since this blog’s inception back in 2011, I have written around 15 posts about her obsession  infatuation with #18. While Tammy can’t really remember when she became fascinated with … Continue reading

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I showed my twang in Illinois

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This coming February marks three years since my wife and I made the move from Chicagoland to Memphis. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed, and even harder to believe how much being back in the South (I’m … Continue reading

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My dreams stink

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Everyone dreams. As kids we dreamed of being a fireman, nurse, or a famous rock/pop star. As we age our dreams change to wanting to be successful, happy, or rich. Sometimes we wish for things we know are out of … Continue reading

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All in: My risky, and potentially smelly, move

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Most days as I make the slow shuffle through the parking lot at work, I clutch my coffee and think about how much I want to win the lottery or what tasks are on my plate for the day. But … Continue reading

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MovemberMania 2015: Update #1

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We are only five days into our Movember 2015 campaign and everyone’s mustaches are starting to come in nicely. What’s also coming in are our donations. We’ve already received quite a few, but we still have a long way to … Continue reading

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