Love is What?!?

Friday, July 22, 2011

So last night Tammy and I are on the couch watching TV. She’s checking Twitter, Facebook, playing games, etc., on her laptop sitting just to her left and I’m laying down with my head on her lap.

We were watching one of NBC’s new shows called “Love in the Wild.” Basically they’ve taken 10 single men & 10 single women who pair up for an adventure. After the adventure, they can choose to stay with their partner or try to find another connection with someone else. The last man and woman that aren’t picked get eliminated. It’s not great but not horrible. Definitely tolerable when watching on the DVR.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Love in the Wild's Man of Steele

One couple, who had just paired up at the end of the previous episode, was in last place during the adventure, partially because the man, Steele (yes that appears to be his real name) couldn’t find the first clue, even though he walked by it at least four times.

They cut to a “diary” shot of the woman who was complaining about being in last place but that it wasn’t too bad because “at least he’s good looking.”

Love in the Wild's Man of Steele

I didn’t know if Tammy was listening or not and decided to go fishing for a little compliment.

Me: That’s what you say about me.
Tammy: What, that you’re dumb?
Me: No, that’s not what she said at all.
Tammy: Oh.
Me: Nice to know that’s what you think though.

Tammy just laughs.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

We already feel like we are have the distinguished honor of being the White Trash Neighbors because I’m always a day or two behind everyone else in mowing the yard.

After this morning we can add another award to our mantle.

As Tammy was letting Savannah out this morning I heard her calling for the cat who likes to be outside, was out all night and who I keep hoping won’t come back.

I just shook my head and told Tammy to come back inside.

Me: Come back in.
Tammy: You only want me to come back in because you don’t like the cat and don’t want her to come back.
Me: No. I want you to come back in because you are now the crazy lady of the neighborhood who stands outside in her turquoise robe with her hair in a towel screaming for her cat.

Make a Wish

Tammy came inside and we both started going through our getting-ready-for-work routine. I was about to leave and headed into the bathroom, where Tammy was blow drying her hair, to give her a kiss.

As I was getting closer, Tammy turned and started saying something. I can’t remember what she said because I was stunned by the flying shrapnel that hit my face which caused me to flinch and wipe my face.

Tammy: Did something just hit you?
Me: Yeah, but I don’t know what.

Tammy starts laughing and as I get closer she forces a “Pooofff” out of her mouth, which extra emphasis on the “P” and laughs again.

I just shook it off and leaned in to give her my morning goodbye kiss. When I was a few inches from her face I decided to return the favor with a “Pooofff” of my own.

She didn’t think it was funny and hit me in the stomach with her hair dryer.

Tammy: I wish I had a piece of crap on my finger right now so I could wipe it on your face.
Me: I love you too honey.

I guess the love being a piece of crap on your finger doesn’t quite have the same ring as love being patient and kind.

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