Putting Police Presence in P!ssers?

We’ve already got the Fashion Police and the Grammar Police and now it appears there’s going to be another type out there… the Pee Police.

Vancouver restaurant bans men from peeing standing up.

Feet facing the bowl please. (Courtesy of the Vancouver Sun)

Vancouver is currently the test market for the new division, which, if successful, could be rolled out in other parts of Canada and the northeastern United States.

The current job description entails patrolling bathrooms, mainly those deemed “unisex,” that have adopted the ban against peeing standing up.

The Pee Patrol will be looking for, among other things, feet facing the wrong direction.

Due to the sensitivity and concerns over privacy, the new department has gone through rigorous training in an effort to avoid the public backsplash backlash.

In an effort to help educate the public, over the next few days the city will be splattered with informational billboards (Urina-all-different place now) and flyers (Sitting to pee, it’s not just for girls anymore; Pee-s sit down even if it’s not brown; Even if it’s yellow take a sit here fine fellow) that depict what is and is not allowed under the ban.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the educational information.

Nothing to see here!! This is perfectly acceptable.

Not good... Better turn and sit before you get in trouble.

You’ve been warned that this is wrong.

This will definitely get you in trouble with the Pee Police

OK show off... Time to feel the force of the PP.

I said turn and sit NOW!!

A possible loophole to the ban against standing to pee?

Definitely funny, but not against the ban.

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7 Responses to Putting Police Presence in P!ssers?

  1. a henneberry says:

    wouldn’t urinals solve the problem? It sounds like a plug for ladyboys.

  2. rufus2009a says:

    give everyone a pee-baggy.

  3. Alex Moon says:

    Is this a feminine complaint or something? Perhaps the answer should be spring-hinges on toilet seats to remain in an UP position until females need to put the seat down.

  4. Don Farmer says:

    I get so tired of having to raise the seat all the time.Why can’t women leave the seat up until they have to go? Do they only consider themselves? I don’t like to pee on the seat either so if they would just have the courtesy to raise it when finished all would be fine. Women…..its always all about them .

  5. C. says:

    Guess they’d have to regulate the ambience and decor of the restroom or monitor reading material. Watch what is written on the stall doors — it’s impossible to pee sitting when you’re having a raging boner

  6. This was hilarious, but seriously, they are implementing this law? My parents are in Toronto right now, I have to ask them to bring back some newspaper clippings or something…that’s insane!

    Why? Why? Why? Can’t that be an invasion of your privacy or something? Surely someone tapping on your door ‘mid-stream’ to ‘arrest’ you for your foot placement indiscretion would be considered as absurd as it sounds?

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