Working Out with Tammy May Be Hazardous to My Health

Last night was Night 3 of TurboFire.

I wasn’t even sure we were going to work out because it was after 6 by the time Tammy got home. But, despite all of her bad-mouthing over the past two nights, she was actually ready to get her some TurboFire.

I Have to Walk AND Chew Gum?

Tammy was telling me about her day while we got changed and headed downstairs.

She was still telling me about it after I put the DVD in and hit play.

I tried really hard to listen to what she was saying while focusing on what was happening on the video.

I threw out a couple of “yeah” and “uh-huh’s” while counting out along with the exercises in my head, but I wasn’t fooling Tammy.

Tammy: Do you want me to just stop talking?
Me: Yeah… I mean, I can’t concentrate on that and you at the same time.

The rest of the workout I kept one eye on the video and one eye on Tammy. I was afraid one of her punches might find its way in my general direction.

The second I turned off the video, and I literally mean the second, she picked up where she had left off some 30+ minutes earlier.

It was as if she had hit pause on the conversation and had it mentally held in queue just waiting for the workout to be done.

Me on the other hand…

Dazed and Confused

Fortunately Tammy didn’t do this to me Tuesday night.

The schedule we are following had us doing the same workout that we did on Tuesday night.

Even though I knew it was the same disc and the same workout from before, something didn’t feel right.

About halfway through the 30-minute exercise I found myself struggling and let Tammy know.

Me: I think I blacked out during Tuesday’s workout.

Tammy laughed while she kept moving and punching along with the video.

Me: I’m not kidding. I seriously don’t remember doing these moves.

I remembered the moves leading up to and after The Blackout, but there were a few seconds that I had no recollection of.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

One thing I do know is that Tammy was in a much better mood, especially toward the end of the workout.

During the previous workouts, the look on Tammy’s face was a mixture of pain and hatred with a little “I’m gonna punch you in the throat” sprinkled in.

But tonight she was joking as we were going through our cool-down stretching. During one arm stretch I heard her joking around.

Tammy: Hello. Goodbye. Hello. Goodbye.

I’m Beet

She was asking for it.

As we were heading upstairs, Tammy started wondering about her appearance.

Tammy: Is my face as red tonight?
Me: It’s red, but it’s not as bad as yesterday.
Tammy: (after looking in the mirror) Oh yeah, my face is red. It looks even redder because I’ve got on a white tank top.

She then got a little smirk on her face.

Tammy: You can take my picture if you want.
Me: I prolly won’t take it, but I’m gonna write about you saying that.
Tammy: If you’re not going to take it then you can’t write about it.
Me: Sure I can, cause it’s funny that you wanted me to take it.
Tammy: It’d be funnier if you actually took it though.

At least she didn’t say she wanted to punch me in the throat.

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4 Responses to Working Out with Tammy May Be Hazardous to My Health

  1. Tammy’s the perfect woman. She is a good sport AND she hasn’t beat you up yet. Hang on to her! (Also, she looks a heckuva lot better than I do after a workout!)

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