Busy Day Nearly Put a Damper on 2012 Goals

Mentally I’ve started writing my 2012 goals for The Life of JWo plenty of times, but it’s the actual typing it out part that’s been the problem.

Even now that I’ve actually started it’s taken me an hour just to get this far. Granted, not all of that is because I’m a slacker.

The Best Laid Plans…

We had a last-minute, totally unexpected, going away get-together that got thrown in the mix. Ashlee (step-daughter) was headed back to North Carolina and had told members of Tammy’s family when she was going to be at our house so they could come over and tell her goodbye.

She told everyone but us.

We only found out about it when Tammy’s sister called to let us know she was coming over. The next couple of hours were spent with us frantically cleaning and hiding stuff so the house would be half-way presentable.

Before everyone arrived I sat down at the table with a bowl of black-eyed peas (New Year’s Day tradition) with the intention of writing out my goals before people started showing up.

I had written the first couple of paragraphs at least three times when I saw Tammy’s Mom pull up. After a quick “Hi, how are you?” I sat back down at the computer and started working on my post.

By the time Tammy’s sister, husband and Baby G arrived I had started over at least three more times.

Jake and Grace came over as everyone was getting ready to leave. I know Grace was talking about her dog, Maya, but I don’t know who she was talking to when something came up about eating her dog.

Grace: I’m pretty sure I could eat her in one sitting, probably.

This Isn’t Working Out

Writing goals is hard enough for me, but doing it when there’s the equivalent of a mini-circus going on around me was proving to be almost impossible.

It’s now 4:30 which means I’ve been working on this for over two hours and I still haven’t written any goals.

Now everyone has left except for Jake, Grace and her dog, so I should be able to churn this thing out, right?


Because of all of the craziness around here today we haven’t worked out yet and Mrs. Fitness (aka Tammy) has already asked me about it twice.

So, I guess I’ve got to put my shoes on, head downstairs for a little TurboFire and put my goals off for another hour.

It’s not like I haven’t been trying to write them but I don’t know if that counts for anything.

Before we made it downstairs I heard Grace screaming in Jake’s room.

Grace: I will choke you and you WILL die. I’m warning you. (screams)

I laughed while I typed and then heard her again.

Grace: You’re gonna backfire it!! I know you!! (more screams)

A few seconds later she came running out of Jake’s room.

Grace: I hate being tickled. I think it’s the worst thing that could be done to me.
Me: I bet I could think of things a lot worse.
Grace: You prolly could.

Procrastination, Fun and Recreation

OMG, that was the worst workout yet.

Not really because the workout itself was so bad but more because I just wasn’t in the mood. The previous workouts were all fast-paced but this one was more yoga-ish and I ain’t flexible.

Now I’m starving and need to eat so I’ll have enough energy to finish… What was I working on again?

After I ate I was tired so I laid on the couch with Savannah for a little while. I toyed with the thought of going to bed by 8 because I kept thinking about Tammy’s sister “yelling” at her husband about sleeping 15 hours yesterday.

But here I am still working on this d@mn thing at 10 p.m.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

There’s no way I would ever commit to the whole post-a-day challenge like some of my blog friends have (The Jackie Blog and What I Meant 2 Say) did in 2011.

My original thought was to create a schedule where I would post three times a week. But when I did the math and realized I’d have to come up with 156 post that was out.

I settled on a posting a minimum of twice a week (104 total posts) for 2012. I got some new video games for Christmas that I really haven’t gotten to enjoy yet.

I’m also going to have a theme called “Flashback Friday’s” where I’m going to write about a story, situation, event, etc., from my past.

Because I have a horrible memory, I can’t promise that there will be 52 “Flashback Friday” posts, but I’ve already started compiling a list of stories that will keep me busy for a while.

I may even ask some of you to email me with your memories of stuff we did together as a starting point.

I’m committing to post at least 104 times in 2012 (2 times a week) and will have a theme called “Flashback Friday’s.” So it is written, so it shall be.

It’s now been over 8 hours since I started on this post (yet another reason there’s no way I could post 356 times) I think I’m finished.

It’s gonna be a looonnnnnggggg year.

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5 Responses to Busy Day Nearly Put a Damper on 2012 Goals

  1. That’s a pretty long post for someone who kept getting interrupted! Thanks for the shout out!
    I like your Flashback Friday idea. Though, like you, I have a horrible memory so that could completely backfire on me. It would be all like the James Frey/Oprah debacle with people calling me out for making up lies about them. Could be fun…

    • JWo says:

      Yeah, I know… I kept trying to write my goals but stuff kept happening, then I got tired… hahaha…

      I mention you all the time to Tammy. I’ll say, “Wonderbutt’s Mom said…” hahaha…

      I’m hoping to get some pics from my Mom so I can create a special header that I’ll use on Flashback Friday’s. But yeah, I’m hoping I can remember the events enough so people don’t write “that’s not how it happened at all” in the comments.

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