The Easy Way Isn’t Always Helpful

Last night Tammy asked for my advice on something, which of course I gave her, but it was my reasoning that she had a problem with.

Tammy: Should I wear my hair up or down?
Me: Up.
Tammy: Why do you say up?
Me: Because you already had it in your hand. (she was standing in front of the bathroom mirror)
Tammy: That’s not helping me. You just said that because you thought it’d be easier.
Me: Well, isn’t that helping you?
Tammy: No. Helping me is telling me the truth—what looks better—not telling me what you think is easier.
Me: I gotta write this down.
Tammy: What?
Me: This conversation.

We were going to a basketball game so it didn’t matter to me whether she wore her hair up or down. What I was trying to do was “help” by suggesting the easiest solution.

Turns out doing what’s easy isn’t always right.

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3 Responses to The Easy Way Isn’t Always Helpful

  1. DB says:

    Should’ve just offered her a glass of wine.

  2. Repeat after me. “I think it looks fabulous either way. Which way is more comfortable for you?” And, when she chooses, say, “You know it turns me on when you wear your hair like that.”

  3. muddledmom says:

    If it helps, my husband never says the right thing either. He looks at my hair, makes a face and says, “You need to do something with all those ones that are standing straight up.” Then he starts pointing out all my grays. Personally, I think you did OK.

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