My (I Think It Was A) Ghost Story

Some might say that my desire to see and/or experience a ghost might border on being an obsession.

The DVR in the basement is filled with any ghost hunting show I can find on TV. My favorite show is Ghost Hunters with My Ghost Story running a close second. But I’ve also recorded Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Extreme Paranormal, Paranormal Witness, Paranormal State and anything else that involved hunting ghosts. “Whispering” to ghosts doesn’t count.

I’ve written about my ghost excitement before (here) but my actual experiences are few and far between.

I took Jake and his friend, Ben, to a supposedly haunted cemetery around midnight several years ago. But we spent most of the night hiding from passing cars, so it felt more like we were in someone’s backyard than it did a cemetery.

I’ve been hounding Tammy for years for us to head up to Milwaukee, since it’s closer than Gettysburg, to stay in the Brumder Mansion so I could play with spirits there. So far it’s been a no-go.

Back in 2009 we spent the night in Gettysburg and stopped by the Farnsworth House for a ghost tour. I captured some odd readings on my K-II Meter there that I couldn’t explain during our tour of the basement.

The time at the Farnsworth House was one of my favorite unexplained experiences… until last Sunday.

All In The Family

I was in Mississippi for a funeral and decided to visit my grandmother. I got to her house before she was home from church and decided to go take some pictures.

I headed to the back of my grandparents’ property where my great-grandfather’s original house has been sitting empty for at least the last 30+ years.

My grandparents’ house (top left) and my great-grandfather’s house (bottom right).

The back of my great-grandfather’s house.

I knew the house had been moved to where it sits now when a factory bought part of the family property back in 1962.

I can’t remember anyone ever living in it and I don’t even remember the last time the house had electricity.

Springs, tires and stoves... Oh my!!

I didn't make it to that corner...

Over the years the house became somewhat of a storage facility for my grandfather and uncle.

There were tires, mattress springs, old stoves and a variety of odd items within the nearly 100-year old house.

I didn’t even have to go through a door to get inside because part of a wall was missing on one side of the house.

In some parts of the house the roof had started to cave in and there were areas where parts of the floor were missing.

I originally went down there just to take pictures because I didn’t get to when we were there for Thanksgiving and haven’t been down there in years.

As I was walking around taking shots something made me think about pulling out my K-II Meter which, of course, I did.

They’re Heeerrreee….

Round 1 with the K-II Meter

I was near the front door in the main hallway and decided to put the K-II Meter down on a tall chair that was sitting near the entrance of what I believe was the family room.

I left it hanging off the chair so anything, or anyone, could freely walk in front of it, backed away about 5-7 feet and I started asking questions.

I ran through a list of questions asking if anyone is here, was this your house, did you grow up here, etc. I said they could light up the device in the chair by walking in front of it and I’d be able to tell if they were here.

I had been asking questions for 3-4 minutes without any results. I don’t remember the specific question I had asked when I got the first blip on the K-II, but the second light lit up several times. I was so excited and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I started asking yes or no questions and asked if they could light it up if the answer was yes. I kept getting responses for a couple of minutes but it wasn’t happening on a consistent enough basis for me to definitely know if something was there.

After being in the house for around 15 minutes I got a text from my Dad saying he was at my grandmother’s house.

The responses had slowed down so I decided to wrap things up. But before I left I told whoever was there that I was going to come back later that afternoon.

They’re Baaaaaaacccck…

An old chair in the family room.

I headed up to the house where I went to lunch with my Dad and grandmother. Because the results were questionable at best, I didn’t mention it.

Around 3 p.m. I headed back out to take pictures of some of the different areas of the property. I eventually made my way back to the house and headed inside.

I set the K-II Meter up in the original chair and started asking questions again. I wasn’t getting any response so I moved to a different area of the house.

I set the K-II down and stepped back from it. It wasn’t long before it lit up again. About a second after I got a response I received a text message from Tammy.

That made me wonder if the incoming signals could have been picked up my the K-II so I sent Tammy a text asking for her to send me another one.

Me: Send me a text… It can say anything.
Tammy: Nothing
Me: Thanks… I was checking to see if it made the K2 Meter go off… it didn’t.
Tammy: Ur weird.

She doesn’t share the same enthusiasm that I do about stuff like that, but I had to make sure my phone wasn’t causing the blips.

I kept asking questions and saw the second light of the K-II flicker a couple of times when I asked if they knew my grandfather and great-grandfather.

I asked if they wanted me to leave and saw the K-II flicker again. Because it happened so fast, I said I wasn’t sure if someone really wanted me to leave and didn’t get a response.

I picked up the K-II and started walking through the house holding it with my left hand extended in front of my body.

I couldn’t explain the previous blips on the meter, but what happened next left me completely speechless.

A Sign of Your Presence?

I was telling whatever was there that I was getting ready to leave as I walked out of the family room.

My camera was in my right hand and up by my shoulder so I could take pictures the first time the K-II went off.

It wasn’t one of the quick two-light blips I had seen before. Instead it lit up to the red light which represents the highest level the meter can read.

It stayed there for a couple of seconds, long enough for me to have time to snap off a picture. But in the time that took, the meter had dropped down to two lights.

Picture that just missed the first red spike of the day.

I just stood there not believing what I just saw.

My big 50-inch plasma TV is the only thing in MY house that puts out enough electromagnetic field to cause the K-II Meter to spike into red. I have to stand back one-foot, 9-inches for the K-II to go back to one light. Yes, I’m a dork and measured it.

But there is no electricity in that old house, no wiring in the walls or connected to the outside.

I was so excited that I briefly got chills and kept asking questions.

Me: Did I just run into you? Where did you go?

After I said that I walked into another room and turned right toward a doorway when it happened again.

I was able to capture the second spike.

It spiked again for a couple of seconds and caused me to stop in my tracks.

Me: Did I just touch you again? Which way did you go? Are we playing hide and seek now?

It went back to one green light and stayed there as I tried to find whatever it was that caused the high spikes.

I went back to the two spots where the spikes occurred and I didn’t even get a flicker. I kept asking questions hoping to get more responses but whatever had been there seemed to be done playing, so I told them goodbye and went to my car.

What Just Happened?

I sat in my car thinking about what had just happened, trying to come up with some logical explanation about what could have caused those spikes.

I’ve played with my K-II Meter enough to know that it doesn’t flicker or spike without something causing it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left it on the floor in my basement wanting and wishing it would do something while I watched TV and it has never done anything.

So to see it spike like it did in a house with NO electricity after getting nothing my basement with electricity all around it baffles me.

I asked my grandmother is she knew if anyone had died in that house and she said she didn’t know of anyone.

Solely based on my experiences in the house I can NOT say the house is haunted. But I don’t know who or what was being picked up by the K-II Meter.

What I do know is that I’ve got to get back down there to do some more investigating.

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9 Responses to My (I Think It Was A) Ghost Story

  1. muddledmom says:

    Creepy. Next time bring your ouija board. Maybe you’ll get some answers.

  2. That’s awesome. We have creepy things happening in my house. My husband wants to do an investigation but I’m affraid it will stir up more craziness. It’s scary when you kids seem to see something you don’t.

    • JWo says:

      Ohhh… I’d love to have creepy stuff happen here. What kind of stuff happens?

      But I don’t think you’d stir up anything by just asking questions or using a K-II Meter to see if it would respond to you. Just stay away from the ouija board. Those things scare me. haha…

      One thing I’ve always heard is that kids (and pets) have the ability to see and feel things but as we grow older most of us lose that ability. We once knew a couple who lived in a house that was haunted and every one of their kids talked about seeing a father, mother and baby when they were younger. But each one of them stopped talking about it as they got older.

    • JWo says:

      I hadn’t read that story before but that’s AWESOME…

      I left a longer response on your page.

      I LOVE Ghost Hunters (sad to hear Grant is leaving) and one thing they say to do is write down when “odd” stuff happens so you can see if there’s a pattern. You totally should start doing that.

      • THAT is a crazy story! Creepy. I told my husband to start writing it all down, he’s experienced more than I have. It’s sometimes audible “that’s the dad”. It comes and goes. A lot of activity and then nothing for a month. I think some of it has to do with restorations projects we’ve been doing over the 7 years we have been there.

  3. Oh wow. This gives me the fun kind of chills. You must go back!

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