Rock of Ages, Talk Dirty to Me

As I was driving in to my one-week freelance job today I heard a commercial on the radio that ratcheted up my desire to get a job.

So at the next red light I picked up my phone and texted Tammy.

Me: I gotta get a job. On July 19th Lita Ford, Def Leppard and Poison will be at the Allstate Arena. (Rock of Ages 2012 tour dates here)
Tammy: Dear God.
Me: Were you needing me to finish that for you? Dear God, please let Jason get a job so we can see Poison again this summer. (We got free tickets to see them last year, here)
Tammy: In another state.
Me: Nice touch.

I should be hearing something any day now. I’m so excited!!

Tammy just looking for nothin' but a good time at last summer’s Poison concert in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Look no further...

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1 Response to Rock of Ages, Talk Dirty to Me

  1. muddledmom says:

    Poison was my first-ever concert. Man, I’m not sure I want to remember that.

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