National Cleavage Day: May Your Cups Runneth Over

Happy National Cleavage Day!!!

That’s right… Cleavage has its own day.

Turns out there is even a Cleavage Hall of Fame.

1.    Holly Willoughby
2.    Scarlett Johansson
3.    Beyonce
4.    Rihanna
5.    Marilyn Monroe
6.    Dita Von Teese
7.    Katy Perry
8.    Brigitte Bardot
9.    Kim Kardashian
10.  Lara Stone

Celebrating “The Happy Valley” got started back in 2002 by Wonderbra. Big surprise there huh?

According to Samantha Paterson, the brand manager for Wonderbra, the National Cleavage Day started according to a design to solemnize women’s independence and power in all facets of life, from their careers to their relationships to their own destiny.

Anita Meiring, public relations consultant for Wonderbra, explained the event. “It is a day for women to realize that their cleavage is something unique and that they should be proud of it.”

Paterson explained “It gives women a chance to be beautiful and glow in the furtive, yet appreciative, glances their cleavage evokes from men.”

“It gives men a legitimate reason to stare at boobs.” (source: Wikipedia)


So get (’em) out and show your support for this glorious day.

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8 Responses to National Cleavage Day: May Your Cups Runneth Over

  1. Annie says:

    Do they have a national Lack of Cleavage Day? Because that would be my holiday.

  2. muddledmom says:

    Men. Having been ogled in kindergarten classes, I’ve learned to stay covered. And I celebrate the same holiday as Annie.

  3. Dan says:

    I’ll drink to that.

  4. FInally, a hall of fame I could get into! YAY!!

  5. National Cleavage Day means it’s time to break out the old motorboat! Summer is finally here! What did you think I meant? Haha.

  6. Sophia Loren should really be on that list.

  7. I love your humor! I am nominating you for the “Sunshine Awards” as a token of appreciation. I completely understand if you are too busy to respond to this nomination. More at
    Keep blogging well! – Andrew Gilbert

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