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My Mind Is A Terrible Thing…

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I’ve been seeing commercials for Lumosity, a website that is supposed to help improve your “brain health and performance,” and after what I discovered a few days ago I’m pretty sure I need to check it out. It’s not like … Continue reading

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I HAD to Buy This… For My Wife

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It’s been well documented that it’s hard for me to walk into a grocery store and only buy the items on my list and today was no different. I walked into the our local Jewel grocery store to take advantage … Continue reading

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Irritating the Piss Out of My Wife

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My trying to help sometimes irritates Tammy. Tonight was one of those times. I was cutting coupons tonight while we were watching Person of Interest and I wasn’t sure if the product I was looking at was something Tammy would … Continue reading

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There Goes the Neighborhood

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When I initially though about doing a Flashback Friday, I did it with the intention of telling stories from my childhood, teen and college years. This story doesn’t fit into any of those categories. In fact this story isn’t even … Continue reading

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Tammy’s Take: You (Must) Love So Much About Me

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Obviously inspired by my loving post yesterday, Tammy wrote a response anniversary post. I couldn’t imagine the last 7 years without you and all I can say is “thank you for loving me.” Thank you for doing my laundry and … Continue reading

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It’s Our Anniversary, Right?

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Tammy and I have been married for six seven years. And that’s not just because neither of us really knew our exact anniversary, day or year, until a couple of days ago. Apparently Tammy … Continue reading

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Savannah Is Right Here Waiting For You

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Yesterday Savannah spent the majority of the day sunning on the front porch, but around 4:30 she decided to wait by the driveway for Tammy to get home. She was enjoying it so much that she didn’t want to come … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Jungle, We’ve Got Fun and Games

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I started The Life of JWo because I wanted to give people a glimpse into my life. Whether it’s pictures of my awesomely lazy bulldog, Savannah, details of our vacations, Tammy’s Tirades, the goofy interactions between Tammy and me or … Continue reading

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Walking with Tammy Is Scary

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Tammy and I often have fun times together but sometimes they can be scary as well. Since we had an extra day together last week we decided to take a walk. Our normal walks consist of a quick trip around … Continue reading

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Check Again, I Think I’m On the List

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Tammy: I’ve got to make a To Do List. Me: Now? (thinking it was for me). Tammy: I keep thinking about stuff I want to do today. Me: Is one of them me? After a few seconds of silence… Tammy: … Continue reading

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