Boobs, Crossbows and BFFs

Last night Tammy and I were checking out a new sitcom on NBC, Best Friends Forever, when we found ourselves getting involved with the storyline.

The husband was working on a video came called Fatal Blowout and created a female character with big boobs. Surprisingly his wife loves them.

But those big boobs are for balance.

Wife: Oh my God, is that me? Thanks for giving me those great boobs!
Husband: Well, you actually need them to balance out your crossbow. Because even though you have access to all this unbelievable weaponry, you still insist on only using your crossbow, which I think is totally bad-ass.
Wife: It’s extremely bad-ass.

I looked at Tammy

Me: That’s just stupid. She’s got all of those weapons to choose from and only uses a crossbow?

Tammy didn’t say anything.

Me: And I know you’d be pissed if I made you with giant boobs like that.
Tammy: I wouldn’t be maaadd.
Me: You’d be all, “Ohhh, so THAT’S what you want?”

Ohh, this is what you like??

Tammy would be like the lady in the State Farm commercial who gets mad when her boyfriend asks for a new girlfriend.

Tammy: Besides how are big boobs good for fighting? They’d just get in the way and stuff.
Me: I know, right?
Tammy: If you made a girl with big boobs I’d make you make a guy with a big package so they could team-up.
Me: I think that’s called a porno.

A Package Deal

Are they afraid of or excited by his weaponry?

At the end of the show the husband tried to “romantically” surprise his wife when he found the friend talking with her in their bedroom.

Husband: Even though she has all this weaponry available to her she still insists on using a crossbow.

The wife’s friend, the blonde in the picture, starts freaking out, jumping around and covering her face with pillows as the husband tries to cover himself.

I definitely don’t think Tammy would have gone through the drama the wife’s friend went through in an attempt to not to see things.

Tammy: I'm not looking... Is it gone yet?

Maybe that’s why we’re best friends… forever.

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3 Responses to Boobs, Crossbows and BFFs

  1. Now I know why I’m such a klutz. No balance.

  2. This is insanely funny and refreshing! I agree that big boobs could be a hazard but they could also be a weapon in their own right…particularly when fighting men since boobs do tend to distract it could give that busty, crossbow toting woman an advantage 😉

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