Savannah Is Right Here Waiting For You

Yesterday Savannah spent the majority of the day sunning on the front porch, but around 4:30 she decided to wait by the driveway for Tammy to get home.

I'll just wait here for Momma to get home.

She was enjoying it so much that she didn’t want to come in.

I'm just gonna take a quick nap.

I actually had to go out and wake her up to get her to come inside.

This afternoon Savannah has taken up residency on the front stoop.

Watching the world go by...

Savannah’s happier than a pig in mud...












Why are you always messing up my vibe?

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11 Responses to Savannah Is Right Here Waiting For You

  1. That is adorable!!!! She’s a funny girl! Reminds me of my doggie-nephew Konrad who passed last year.

    • JWo says:

      She really is something… I don’t even bother putting a leash on her because she’s not going anywhere. Yesterday she sat in her chair and watched a woman walking her dog go down the street. She watched them but never got up.

      She’s plopped down on the front porch this afternoon. I added a picture of her view.

      I’ve love to take her to the beach with us because she just loves being outside in the sun, but I know it’d be too hot for her.

      • JWo says:

        She just perked up because she saw the mail truck go by. But when I told her it wasn’t her “friend,” the regular female who pets her and gives her treats, Savannah layed back down.

  2. GingerSnaap says:

    She looks like the perfect soul mate for Wonderbutt!

    • JWo says:

      I’d LOVE to see how she would interact with Wonderbutt.

      We took Savannah to a dog park once to meet another bulldog we were hoping to adopt (lady changed her mind and decided to keep it). The other bulldog was very hyper compared to Savannah. He would run off and go up to other people and Savannah would stay at our feet.

      After about 10 minutes I was looking around and saw Savannah standing by the entrance gate to the park. She’d had enough and was ready to go home.

      I don’t think I could have let that dog out in an unfenced yard. Prolly couldn’t let Wonderbutt do that either. hahaha…

  3. Smart dog. I would lay in the sun all day too if I could! I love that she realizes who is her “friend” and who isn’t. Why waste your energy on those that are not?

    • JWo says:

      Savannah is defnitely not what you’d call an energy waster. She typically has about 10 minutes of “hyper” in her per day.

      Last night it happened around 8:30. She brought me her baby doll and wanted to play. That led to her running laps through our bedroom and the living room, which included her jumping on the couch each time.

      She jumped on the couch during her last lap, stopped, laid down and fell asleep. I don’t even think it lasted 10 minutes. hahaha…

  4. shoes says:

    So cute! I especially like the one of her sleeping on the chair. 🙂

  5. I love Savannah! She can come visit any time!

  6. Savannah is too cute for words! I think my favorite is her sleeping in the chair, too, but they are all adorable.

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