Welcome to The Jungle, We’ve Got Fun and Games

I started The Life of JWo because I wanted to give people a glimpse into my life.

Savannah waiting on Tammy to get home from work.

Whether it’s pictures of my awesomely lazy bulldog, Savannah, details of our vacations, Tammy’s Tirades, the goofy interactions between Tammy and me or any of the other funny (or sad) moments that happen to me, I enjoy writing about them and sharing it with everyone.

I really love when I hear from people in the blogosphere about how they relate to whatever I wrote.

Although I’m not sure if one comment I got, “this blog…makes my life seem more normal,” was good or bad.

A few days ago I found something that made me laugh and I wanted to share. Not just because the name of the blog (People I Want to Punch in the Throat) sounds like it could be the motto for the “I Hate People” club Tammy and I belong to (shhh… it’s a secret society).

In PIWtPinT’s Tuesday post, Jen’s 5-year old daughter was wondering if her Dad was cheating with a close friend. The daughter’s reasoning?

“’Cause, she’s your prettiest friend.  She’s a little prettier than you.  He would want a pretty girlfriend.  Y’know, one prettier than you.”

Welcome to The Jungle, it gets worse here every day....

A little later in the post Jen mentioned a time when she let her husband guest post on her blog.

His title, Top 10 Reasons to “Love Me” or “Get With Me” got my attention, but his calling out his wife’s grooming had me rolling and left me wondering how he thought any good could come from his statement.

“Even though it is a “jungle” down there, I am still willing to brave that “jungle.”  NOTE: I heard that the Brazilians have cutting edge technologies to deal with the jungle.  You might want to look into it.”

I give him credit for coming up with a list to explain why he thinks “it is only fair that you “get with me” with more frequency.”

You know you want to get with me!

Then I saw Jen’s Valentine’s Day Response and she came out swinging right out of the gate.

“…you really had to talk about my maintenance issues?  Anytime you’re ready to get on all fours and get your ball sack and ass crack waxed you let me know and I’ll book a double appointment for us to get a Brazilian.”

A few paragraphs later she tells her husband that she heard their son say, “Daddy, with your clothes off you look like a giant pickle.” But she doesn’t just tear him down, she gives advice to build him back up.

“No one wants to “get with” a giant pickle.  Work on looking less pickle-like.”

As I read her picking apart her husband’s list, all I could think about was how it sounded like something Tammy would write.

I read Jen’s letter to Tammy and I could tell from her facial expressions that she agreed with what Jen was saying. For example, Tammy thinks I’m OCD too because apparently I’m not allowed to move anything after it has been put in the dishwasher.

I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of her husband’s letter and Jen’s response, so check them out.

It won’t take you long to see why she changed the password to her blog so her husband can’t guest post anymore.

Hmmmm… maybe I need to do that after some of the stuff I’ve written about Tammy.

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6 Responses to Welcome to The Jungle, We’ve Got Fun and Games

  1. Jen says:

    Hey, thanks very much for the feature! It was great! I completely forgot about the pickle remark! He must have improved on that, because Gomer hasn’t mentioned it again.

    • JWo says:

      No problem. It was as if I was reading an interaction between Tammy and me and wanted to share.

      The pickle comment was funny so many levels. You’ll have to check with Gomer to see if Dad still looks like a pickle. haha…

  2. Wow. I really did not expect these topics from your title. Would love to hear more from Tammy every once in awhile!

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