Tammy’s Take: You (Must) Love So Much About Me

Obviously inspired by my loving post yesterday, Tammy wrote a response anniversary post.

I couldn’t imagine the last 7 years without you and all I can say is “thank you for loving me.”

Does this look like it will fit me?

Thank you for doing my laundry and shrinking many of my sweaters: You must see me as thinner than I am.

Thank you for snoring like a backhoe every night: You must see my punching you as love taps.

Thank you for cooking me dinner every night: You obviously love my other talents so much more than my cooking.

Thank you for keeping the house so cold: You must cherish my body so much that you don’t ever want me to flaunt it by wearing anything other than sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Just take this... don't worry about what it is...

Thank you for making me coffee every morning: You love me so much that you don’t ever want to see me crabby so you make sure I have a cup ready first thing.

Thank you for always doing the grocery shopping: You must love being with me more than having any money.

Thank you for always taking care of me when I am sick: You must never want to see me in pain so you give me medicine that knocks me out for days.

Looks like it's time to go lay in bed.

Thank you for bringing home my favorite wine for no reason: You must love to see me happy because you keep filling up my glass as soon as I take a sip while saying, “Shhhh don’t talk, just drink.”

Thank you for knowing when I’ve had enough: You must love being next to me because even after I drink the whole bottle you are willing to take my clothes off and just lay with me in bed (from what I can remember).

Thank you for always locking the doors: You must want to keep us so safe that you lock the doors every minute which makes me fumble in the dark for my keys or pound on the door when I don’t have my keys.

That shade of red is usually reserved for anger.

Thank you for motivating me to exercise: You must love to see me in my workout clothes because you take pictures of me, even when I am not looking, with a big grin on your face.

Thank you for always being willing to compromise: You love me so much that when I want to watch one of “my shows,” you never fight but right away say, “Sure, I’ll just go downstairs.”

Thank you for loving me no matter what I look like: You must love me so much because I gained 30 pounds thanks to you remembering my favorite ice cream, candy and fat foods.

Thank you for trying to be my handy man: You must love me so much that you have a need to try to impress me by trying to fix things. Despite a broken window, outside lights that don’t work, new parts for a toilet that wasn’t broken, a sink that holds water and two cut cable wires, you keep trying.

Thank you for wanting to spend every second of vacation time together: You must love spending time with me so much that you need to get there as fast as we can because you always get speeding tickets on our way to vacation.

Thank you for playing singing games with me: You must love hearing me sing because you are always playing songs then stopping to make me finish the lyrics while bursting out laughing.

My list could go on and on just like my love for you: You make me laugh, cry, smile, and mostly thankful.

Thank you for everything you do, for who you are and for being my best friend. Thank you God for putting Jason in my life

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4 Responses to Tammy’s Take: You (Must) Love So Much About Me

  1. Dan says:

    I know why he keeps the house so cold…

  2. susielindau says:

    Laughing at Dan! Love that sweater. I have a few myself. Well it sounds like a happy marriage and you are well taken care of. At least he is well-intentioned!

  3. muddledmom says:

    So funny. And sweet. I think I may have heard the same line from my husband while drinking some wine myself.

  4. What a heartwarmingly romantic love letter! Awwww…

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