I HAD to Buy This… For My Wife

It’s been well documented that it’s hard for me to walk into a grocery store and only buy the items on my list and today was no different.

I walked into the our local Jewel grocery store to take advantage of the 99¢ pork chops, frozen pizzas and to restock on Diet Dr. Pecker and, for the most part, I was on point.

I had coupons for the pizzas, my DDP’s and some marinade so I was feeling good as I headed to checkout.

But then I saw a display that made me stop in my tracks because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Even though I couldn’t find a price I knew I HAD to buy it… for Tammy.

It's like it was MADE for just for us!!

Tammy dranking from Big Moe at Mixteca.

Now I love me some Bud Light Lime, but when I saw it was combined with one of Tammy’s favorite drinks, margaritas, I HAD to get it.

I think Tammy’s had just about all of the margarita varieties made at Mixteca, our favorite Mexican restaurant.

It was because of Tammy’s ’rita love that I HAD to buy the Bud Light Lime: Lime-a-Rita.

I grabbed a 12-pack, dropped it in my cart and was heading to check out when something else caught my eye.

I didn’t have a coupon but they WERE on sale (2/$4) and I figured Tammy might enjoy them with a Lime-a-Rita (or two) tonight, so I HAD to buy them.

Y.U.M.: Doritos and Lime-a-Ritas

Tiny but packs a punch.

When I got home I was a little surprised at the size when I pulled one out (that’s what she said) because I didn’t realize they were 8 ounces instead of 12.

But considering the Lime-a-Rita (8%) contains almost TWICE the amount of alcohol by volume as Bud Light Lime (4.2%), it’s possible that they could be as powerful as what Claudia makes at Mixteca.

Since it’s a Tuesday night, I doubt Tammy is gonna really “Get Her Drank On” like she would at Mixteca.

Tammy once ordered her second margarita then went to the bathroom while they made it. I saw her wobbling as she made her way back to our seat.

Tammy: I think I’m drunk. I should have waited before ordering that second one.

I doubt Tammy will end up like she did does most of the times we come home from Mixteca, but I who knows?

Hey Daddy, I think Momma’s been to Mixteca again...

It’s more “bubbly” than Tammy expected but it’s actually really good.

Not nearly as limey as I thought it would be and not as tart as I was thinking either.

Tammy will be nursing her glass for the next couple of hours so I better go make myself one.


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7 Responses to I HAD to Buy This… For My Wife

  1. GingerSnaap says:

    Holy shit, if my husband took a picture of me sleeping/passed out, I don’t think he would live to see another Margarita!

    If I were you, I would sleep with one eye open tonite!


  2. susielindau says:

    Yum! I hear wineries are exploring canned wine!

  3. Darby says:

    Cute. I like Tammy…she’s a good sport. I have the same problem after one purple margarita at Rio Grande……my husband’s been fired a couple of times for letting me sneak in that second order (he usually has to drink it). We just discovered the lime-a-rita’s last night…..great in this 105 degree TX heat….

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