My Mind Is A Terrible Thing…

I’ve been seeing commercials for Lumosity, a website that is supposed to help improve your “brain health and performance,” and after what I discovered a few days ago I’m pretty sure I need to check it out.

It’s not like I didn’t know I’ve got a horrible memory. I’ve gotten off the couch and forgotten why before I made it to the kitchen too many times to count (or remember).

Tammy will tell me to do something in the morning and I’ll completely forget do it before she comes home, but that could just be me ignoring her instead of being forgetful.

Helps me remember AND save money.

I’ve learned to live with my “affliction” and make notes when I need to remember something. Tammy even got me an “All Out Of” grocery list pad but I don’t think it was entirely because of my memory and was more because I spend too much money at Wal-Mart.

I’m horrible at remembering names and often nickname people to help with my recall.

For example, Tammy and Jake watch American Idol and since I’m often in the room I hear it but never know the singers names.

Tammy: I really like Amanda. I can’t believe she got voted off.
Me: Who?
Tammy: Amanda.
Me: Is that Bushy Eyebrows or Mole Face?
Tammy: You’re horrible. (pause) It’s Bushy Eyebrows.

Because so many names are changed in the blogosphere, I often refer to people with nicknames when I tell Tammy about something.

For example, I may tell Tammy about something “Wonderbutt’s Mom” wrote in her blog and she knows who I am talking about. Turns out I’m “Savannah’s Dad” in Wonderbutt’s house.

Tammy also knows “Muddled Mom,” sometimes called “Mom in the Muddle,” and “Fork in My Eye’s” recent vacation pictures made her jealous.

She knows the Young American Wisdom blog as the “I Heard It on the Bus” lady because of her posts about what her kids have… you guessed it, heard on the bus.

I follow a lot of blogs and so it’s difficult to keep everyone straight, but recently I found out I was wrong about something I had been telling Tammy.

The two blogs I had confused were When the Kids Go to Bed and An Observant Mind. It’s very easy to tell the two blogs apart by looking at them as they use two different designs but that’s not why I had them mixed up.

Sheri, from When the Kids Go to Bed, often writes about the goings on in and around her house that’s full of three boys ages six and under. She posts fairly regularly (16 times already in April) because, as you can imagine, her boys give her LOTS of material.

Karyn, from An Observant Mind, hasn’t been posting to her blog as much in 2012, releasing only her fourth post of the year on the 26th. She’s been busy working on an “Organic Chicken Farming” article but I’m hoping she’ll get back to posting more often.

I knew one of them lived in Australia but was mixed up about who it actually was. Somewhere along the line I started telling Tammy that Sheri (When the Kids Go to Bed) was the “lady in Australia.”

I thought it was odd when she posted a picture of one of the sons wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey because I thought they liked a different type of football “down under.” But figured they liked football before they moved there and didn’t think much else about it.

It wasn’t until Karyn’s (An Observant Mind) April 20th post that I started to think something wasn’t right.

What you see if you subscribe to The Life of JWo.

When someone subscribes to a blog (which if you haven’t done so, you can do under my toes) they get an email when a new post is published.

In that email is a picture of the author’s “Gravatar,” a little icon of whatever they want to show.

Most of the Gravatars are portraits of the authors and it was those portraits of Karyn and Sheri that caused my confusion.

Karyn (left) is who lives in Australia. Sheri (right) is who I was telling Tammy lived in Australia. She’s actually in Rhode Island.

As you can see it doesn’t take much to confuse me, but I think most of you out there already knew that.

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12 Responses to My Mind Is A Terrible Thing…

  1. Well I see your problem, what if I drew a moustache on my photo, would that help? I loved the quote “…(pause) its buhy eyebrows…” hilarious! Thanks for the links, glad we are all sorted, and also extremely good to know I didn’t ‘diss you on Twitter! Clearly my mind is as intact as yours…

  2. Ha! I wish I lived in Australia!!

  3. GingerSnaap says:

    I refer to you as ‘Tammys crazy husband’. I refer to Tammy as ‘the saint who married you’.

  4. LMFAO. They are similar. I would totally get them confused, too. And I might have to go with GingerSnaap’s nicknames for you guys. Although, then Wonderbutt wouldn’t know who I’m talking about…

    • JWo says:

      I know right??!?! I’d been telling Tammy all of Sheri’s stories and thinking they were happening in Australia. All because they were black and white faces…

      I had to go back and see what GingerSnaap wrote. When I told Tammy that “Wonderbutt’s Mom” was going to use Ginger Snaap’s terms I got this response from her…

      Tammy: hahaha… See you try to diss me in all your blogs and all it does is make you look like the @sshole.
      Me: You’re a jerk.

      Thanks guys. Thanks a lot. hahaha…

  5. muddledmom says:

    In my house, you’re “J-Wo, you know, that blog guy. He cracks me up.”

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