Savannah’s Bond with Uga

When Savannah was just a puppy Tammy’s Mother picked up a little stuffed Uga, the bulldog mascot for the University of Georgia, for Savannah to play with. Ever since then Uga has been a part of Savannah’s life.

Savannah would often drag Uga around even though she wasn’t much bigger than him.

They played hard together inside and out of the house.

Savannah and Uga were inseparable.

It was as if Savannah knew they were cut from the same cloth.

She was protective of little Uga.

As Savannah grew, little Uga started to show signs of wear and tear, losing his eyes and nose. He eventually was replaced with his twin brother, Uga II.

Uga II didn’t fare much better.

When Uga II lost his eyes, we tried a special operation to save him.

Uga II tried his best to keep up with Savannah.

But in the end he was replaced with Uga III.

We are now on Uga IV and he has lasted a bit longer than the others. Partially because Savannah has mellowed in her older age but also because she became more “motherly.”

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1 Response to Savannah’s Bond with Uga

  1. Yeah… smothering the baby doll looks reads as “motherly”… : ) Adorable pics!

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