She Didn’t Know She Had One, Do You?

Normally when we go out with friends I worry that Tammy will say something to embarrass me and I know she says the same about me.

At some point in the night one of us will throw the other under the bus and it’s normally the fault of our old friend Mr. Al K. Hall.

But several months ago we went out with some friends who brought a couple from their neighborhood along for the ride. We met at a bar for drinks before heading to a local comedy club for a few hours.

After the comedy club we headed back to the bar for more drinks. Everyone was getting along great, laughing, drinking and talking.

The reaction of the girls was something like this…

As the crowd in the bar started thinning out the conversation turned to one of the women recently getting a Brazilian wax.

That led to talks from the two girls about how they couldn’t believe the other could just go into a place, reveal herself and let someone rip the hair out of her hooha.

Of course that led into the famous waxing scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin (Kelly Clarkson!!) that ended with us reenacting it and laughing hysterically.

Then someone in the crowd, I can’t remember who, brought up women getting their, um how should I say this, um, their “backdoor” waxed.

That’s when the evening took a nosedive, because that’s when the wife of the couple we just met said she couldn’t believe that someone would even need to have that done. She then asked a question that I don’t think she was expecting to be answered.

Wife: Who has a hairy buhhole?

It took about a fraction of a millisecond for the husband to fire back a response.

Husband: You do.


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3 Responses to She Didn’t Know She Had One, Do You?

  1. CaptKitty says:

    That’s pretty funny. Hairy buttholes…the beginnings of dingleberries. Waxing hurts worse then getting burned with an exhaust.

  2. Dan says:

    Don’t lie. It was you and Tammy talking.

  3. righttobitch says:

    Hey, I know Al K. Hall too?!

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