Travel Log 2012: Day 2

For those of you who are new to The Life of JWo, I write our “Travel Logs” each day when we go on vacation. This is Day 2 of our 2012 trip to Myrtle Beach. You can read my 2009, 2010 and 2011 logs by clicking on the year.


The day started with me waking up a little before 7 a.m. (the time that Tammy wanted us to be on the road) so I leaned over and told her we needed to get moving.

Me: We gotta get up. It’s almost 7.
Tammy: What? Did you set the alarm?
Me: I must not have done it right.

In reality I didn’t set it at all. I was up so late writing my Day 1 Travel Log and was so sleepy when I went to bed that setting the alarm didn’t even register, but I wasn’t about to tell Tammy that.

Tammy was showing a LOT more than this.

We quickly got dressed, took our stuff to the car and headed downstairs for the free breakfast buffet then headed back up to the room for a final bathroom break.

Tammy was finished and standing in the bathroom when I noticed that something was wrong but wasn’t about to say anything.

It didn’t take long for her realize her problem and when she fixed it I started laughing.

Me: I wasn’t gonna tell you.
Tammy: I woulda been like, “I feel a breeze.”
Me: That woulda been funny.
Tammy: No it wouldn’t.
Me: Oh yeah it would. I was gonna wait til we got in the lobby and smack it.

She still didn’t see the humor in it like I did.

Return to Mayberry

Barney Fife was on patrol outside Mount Airy, NC.

As we were checking out I noticed there was a card about the town hosting “Mayberry Days” in September, which I thought was totally cool. I loved watching Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee and Opie when I was growing up.

We weren’t more than 10 minutes outside of “Mayberry” when I saw an old police car coming in the opposite direction.

If that wasn’t enough, the signs for the next city really got me excited.

It was Mount Pilot!! I remember Andy always talking about having to go to Mount Pilot and was telling Tammy about it but she didn’t seem to care. Big surprise.

Put a Drank in My Hand

I was listening to Eric Church’s new CD, Chief, as we were driving and was really listening to, and admiring, the lyrics.

Me: I think I could write a song.
Tammy: You prolly could.
Me: But I don’t think I’d ever use words like he does. I would say, “My mind was racing,” instead of “Mind skippin’ like a record machine.”

Tammy just nodded.

Me: I really think I could write a song.
Tammy: Why don’t you?
Me: ’cause I’m not drinking. Because listen to his songs, he’s always talking about drinking. If I started drinking more often I could write better.
Tammy: You think so?
Me: Oh yeah. All of the great writers drank. Hemingway, King, all of them (those were the only two I could think of). Drinking helped them write better so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for me. I gotta start working on that, building up my tolerance and learn to drink the hard stuff, like whiskey. Whiskey is good for writing.
Tammy: Hmmmm….
Me: I prolly could even write a book or something. I wouldn’t mind doing that but I prolly wouldn’t get it published and that would suck.
Tammy: Yeah.
Me: But if i did… You could quit work. People would ask how did Jason become an alcoholic and I’d say, “So Tammy didn’t have to work.”

She just shot me a glance and shook her head.

Not What I Was Thinking

Tammy and Ashlee posing while the dogs watch.

We made it to Ashlee and Billy’s house, played with their dogs and met their roommate. I couldn’t remember his name but did know he was from, which earned him the nickname Wisconsin.

We chatted a while before they loaded up their car and we headed down to where we were staying in North Myrtle Beach.

Tammy had told me that we were going to be there for the “last day of Bike Week” which I didn’t think was going to be a big deal.

I envisioned lots leather, scruffy men (and women) with the loud pipes of Harley Davidson’s popping through the streets.

That’s not what I got.

We nicknamed her “Pinkie” because you could see she had on pink panties.

She was riding on the back of a “crotch rocket” around Myrtle Beach.

I tried to get better pictures, even had Ashlee taking pictures from the backseat, but we didn’t want to make it obvious.

These were two of the t-shirts one of the local beach shops was selling.

Apparently they knew Pinkie.

I think we actually saw this girl on the back of one of the bikes.

Bike Week Buffet

We went out for dinner to a local seafood buffet and that’s where Billy nearly became a innocent bystander to some Bike Week Buffet Beatdown.

He came back from the bathroom and told us that there were two guys from the “Red and Yellow” crew that were talking.

RYC #1: He came walking up in here like he owns the place.
RYC #2: We bout to take care of this sh!t.

Apparently they were going to take care of it AFTER they ate because he saw them at the buffet not long after he sat down.

It’s a Requirement

As we were winding down dinner the conversation shifted to some of the anti-smoking commercials Ashlee had heard on the radio.

Ashlee: They had one where a woman said she was going to show people how to eat without a jaw. If she doesn’t have a jaw how does she talk?
Tammy: (moving her jaw up and down) Yeah, I don’t know.
Me: I wouldn’t talk to her if she didn’t have a jaw.
Tammy: You wouldn’t be friends with someone if they didn’t have a jaw?
Me: Nope. It’s one of the things I require in order for me to be your friend.
Tammy: So if someone lost a jaw you wouldn’t be friends with them anymore?
Me: Oh, I’d still be friends because they’d be grandfathered in. I just can’t accept new friends without jaws.
Tammy: What about a finger.
Me: Same rule applies.
Tammy: You’re terrible.

We Talkin’ Bout Pancakes?

One thing I noticed during our drive down from North Myrtle Beach (NMB) to Myrtle Beach (MB) is that these people REALLY love pancakes. I mean REALLY love them.

I’m not talking bout waffles, but pancakes. It literally seemed that there was a pancake restaurant on nearly every corner. There was a Dino’s Pancakes, Tar Baby Pancakes, National House of Pancakes (not to be confused with the International version), Harry’s Breakfast Pancakes, Plantation House of Pancakes, Omega Pancake House, Matthew’s Pancake House, Sunrise Pancake House. I think you get the point.

Down on Broadway

After dinner we headed down to the Broadway at the Beach where we walked around and shopped for a while. I say shopped but it was more like playing and having fun.

We watched the nasty fish swarm when people fed them. The ducks basically walked on top of them.

Tammy found a new swimsuit.

Tammy’s new hair style.

Ashlee’s showing her sweet cheeks.

Billy found a new hat.

I told Tammy she could only have ONE item from the candy store.

By the end of the day I was exhausted from getting up early, driving and shopping that I got whiny and wanted to go back to the room and finish Day 2.

Hopefully I won’t be as tired on Day 3.

I should have gone here so I could “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

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11 Responses to Travel Log 2012: Day 2

  1. shoes says:

    Mmmm – I want that box of Nerds. Looks like you guys are having a good time full of adventure.

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  3. CaptKitty says:

    Black Bike week was SUPER (bit of sarcasm) fun. I got to meet Jason Britton and see some stunts. I also saw many females wear the motorcycles as thongs. Some bikes even wheeled through traffic due to weight capacity. A few people died. But it was all good.

    • JWo says:

      We were only there for one day of it and I thought it was crazy. Part of me wanted to be there all week ONLY so I could take pictures of all the Skank that was walking around.

      I couldn’t believe some of the stuff the women were wearing (and showing). It would have made for a great picture blog. hahaha…

      • CaptKitty says:

        The pictures could have been used for traumatizing purposes. But I guess Big Girls need lovin’ too.

  4. Dan says:

    I’ve been to that KISS coffeehouse. No idea how that place stays in bidness. Idiots like me, I presume. And many of the locals leave town for black bike week. Good thing you missed most of it.

  5. I hope Tammy got that swimsuit. I know she needed another one.

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