I’ll Be Home Soon Savannah

I’m still in Mississippi helping my Mom and my step-Dad, James, as he continues battling stomach cancer.

I’ll be leaving Tuesday morning to head back to Tammy… and Savannah. I know they both are missing me, but I don’t have any pictures of Tammy moping around. Well, none she’d let me show anyway.

Where Tammy says Savannah normally sits waiting for “Daddy” to come home.

So depressed she can’t come up the stairs.

I’ll just wait here for you Daddy.

I know Savannah won’t be happy when I get in the bed though. Tammy said she’s been taking over since I’ve been gone.

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4 Responses to I’ll Be Home Soon Savannah

  1. shoes says:

    Ahhhh, sweet Savannah.

  2. Annie says:

    Just like a child. The minute she sees you she will be bossing you around…to let you know how important you are to her, ya know.

  3. Awww. This is how Wonderbutt looks when he’s missing me, too. Bulldogs are great at expressing their depression.

  4. Awe she misses the Daddy. You have to have Tammy film her reaction to your arrival back home!

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