Why My Wife Won’t Let Me Win the Lottery

Tonight Tammy crushed my lottery dreams and not just because we didn’t purchase a ticket.

We were taking our after-work walk when I spotted the one thing I’ve always said I’d buy if we ever won the lottery.

No, it wasn’t a Ferrari Testarossa or whatever the latest Lamborghini is called. I don’t think either of those would come close to being in our neighborhood, unless they were on blocks.

I bet there’s someone famous in that Tahoe!! Nope, it just JWo.

It was a black Chevy Tahoe.

I don’t really know why I’ve always wanted one, but it’s prolly the first thing I’d buy if I had the funds.

Me: Oh look, a black Chevy Tahoe.
Tammy: Yup.
Me: That’s what I want right there, that’s what I’m gonna get if we win the lottery. Except I think I want black rims.
Tammy: Huuuhhhhhh…. (a long sigh)
Me: Did you just “huuuhhhhhh” me?
Tammy: Yup?
Me: Why?
Tammy: Because who gets the same color rims as their car? Nobody.
Me: It’s like NASCAR. You don’t think that’ll look good?
Tammy: No, I don’t.
Me: People would think we’re famous if we have black rims. But I wouldn’t get tricked out tires though.
Tammy: (shakes her head)

We walked a little further and I was still thinking about how sweet my black Chevy Tahoe would look with me behind the wheel.

Me: Man, I just wanna win the lottery one time.
Tammy: Technically you already did.
Me: Don’t be getting all technical. Besides, that didn’t count.

I “won” $7 playing Power Ball in Arkansas after playing $6 so “technically” I only came out ahead a dollar and that hardly counts as winning. So hopefully one day my Tahoe will come.

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4 Responses to Why My Wife Won’t Let Me Win the Lottery

  1. CaptKitty says:

    Remember buddy, people like us never win the lottery. The rednecks do. And we get to watch them drink it all away on cheap horse piss they call beer.

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