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Waiting for the Big Tease to Hit the Big Easy

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Today I was like a little kid waking up Christmas morning. I was so excited when I jumped out of bed and ran to turn on the TV. I found The Weather Channel and was expecting to see the images … Continue reading

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Bellying Up at Bulldogs

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People who know me know I love to eat and that I love my bulldogs, whether it’s Mississippi State, UGa or my very own Savannah. So getting to combine eating and bulldogs was something right up my alley. When our … Continue reading

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Gimme a Little Credit

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In our house Tammy runs the finances, which is fitting since she works in the financial industry, and, for the most part, she’s on top of everything. But then there are times when she forgets that she’s already paid a … Continue reading

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My Hair Raising Morning

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  Going to get your hair cut is usually an experience that most people look forward to and enjoy. It’s a time to talk about current events or television shows and catch up on the latest gossip. It’s NOT a … Continue reading

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A Weigh We Go

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Today I picked up something for Tammy that she has been wanting for the past few months. While I figured she would be excited, I had no idea just how much. Especially considering what I got her was a new … Continue reading

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Summer Dreams Ripped at the Seams

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The weather in Chicagoland has been perfect recently. We’ve been able to keep the window open day because it hasn’t been too hot or cold. While I’ve been enjoying the cool breezes, there is something I have been missing something … Continue reading

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A Peek Behind the Curtain

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Thanks to my handy digital recorder, I was able to “recall” conversations today between Tammy and I that might have otherwise been forgotten. On her NOT having a Smartphone… Tammy: I see those ads where you can take a picture … Continue reading

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Busted: Caught Cheating on My Wife

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Walking with Tammy is almost always entertaining and last night’s stroll was no different, even if it did take an unexpected turn. The walked started with our normal small talk about what she did at work, what I did at … Continue reading

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Tammy’s Man(ning) Didn’t Disappoint

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For the past three years Tammy has drafted Peyton Manning as her quarterback on at least one of her Fantasy Football teams. But this past Thursday night was the first time she was able to actually see him LIVE on … Continue reading

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The Man(ning) of Tammy’s Dreams

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Tomorrow night Tammy will be closer to the man of her dreams than she has ever been and it might be painful for me to watch. Peyton Manning is coming to town to lead the Denver Broncos against the Chicago … Continue reading

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