Wife’s Potty Mouth Cause of Interactions?

I don’t know what it is about Tammy and bathrooms, but it seems that nearly every time we travel there’s some interaction in or near one.

The first incidence was back on July 1, 2011, when she experienced some “Southern Hospitality” in a bathroom on our way down to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

She had another odd experience in the bathroom when we went to a Kid Rock concert back in August of 2011, when she “saw a shim.”

Her next interaction came in November of 2011, when she heard something you don’t want to hear at a public/truck stop/gas station bathroom as we made our way down to Mississippi.

She had two experiences during our trip to Myrtle Beach this year. The first was when we shared a scary gas station bathroom. We were shocked about what was written on the walls and she may have unknowingly exposed herself in the process.

The second time was when she found herself in a noisy bathroom at a flea market in North Carolina.

Our most recent trip back from Mississippi was no exception. This time it was at a gas station just across the Arkansas border.

We walked up to the bathrooms and saw a woman standing outside of the women’s room. She turned and started talking to Tammy as I headed to the men’s room.

Woman: You can go ahead of me.
Tammy: No, it’s OK. You were here first.
Woman: You prolly have to go more than I do.
Tammy: Are you sure?
Woman: Yeah, we already stopped once.

I poked my head into the men’s bathroom and when I saw it was empty I told Tammy to come in there with me.

We each took care of our business, washed up and headed to cash a winning lottery ticket ($7) I got on a previous trip through Arkansas.

We noticed the woman who had spoken with Tammy was still in the bathroom as we walked out of the store. When we got in the car I told Tammy what I was thinking about her interaction.

Me: You know why that lady wanted you to go first?
Tammy: Because she was nice. She said they had stopped already.
Me: (laughing) That wasn’t why. She was gonna let you go first because she was about to f^ck things up in there.
Tammy: Ewww… I didn’t even think about that.

I did but I’m glad we didn’t stick around to find out.

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10 Responses to Wife’s Potty Mouth Cause of Interactions?

  1. Gosh, you’re a pessimist.

  2. CaptKitty says:

    Hahaa… OMG, that lady was going to blow it up!

    • JWo says:

      Yeah she was… but at least she was polite enough to offer a warning to Tammy. You wouldn’t get that up in Chicagoland. HAHA

      • CaptKitty says:

        You wouldn’t get that in New York either. But then again, no matter who engages in biological warfare, America public bathrooms are much better then the ones in a third world country. And we have soft toilet paper.

  3. shoes says:

    Hahaha – drama in the bathroom!

  4. lolabees says:

    That’s exactly what she was doing, and in a sense, it was also because she was nice! I used to want to write a book about the women’s bathroom because every time I went in one, some crazy thing happened.

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