Is Tammy Pressing Her Luck with Peyton?

I knew Tammy loves All Things Peyton but it may have sunk to a new low.

Tammy would never pick Luck over her man.

This morning she was pouring over her Fantasy Football lineups and had a wide receiver dilemma on one of her teams. She had to pick between a wide receiver on the Indianapolis Colts, which is Peyton Manning’s old team, or the Denver Broncos, Manning’s current team.

I could understand her problem because they are two pretty equal receivers, but it was her logic that left me scratching my head.

Tammy: If I start Reggie Wayne (Colts) over Eric Decker (Broncos) then I’m saying I trust [Andrew] Luck’s skills to get the ball to Wayne more than I do Peyton’s ability to get the ball to Decker. I would never say that.

I didn’t say anything.

Tammy: (after a few seconds of silence) The thing is that Wayne is one of Luck’s main weapons.
Me: Well, that’s what you are saying. NOT that you like Luck over Manning.

She sent a tweet to the Fantasy Girl Erin Skelley, “thoughts on playing either E.Decker or R.Wayne?” and got the response she was looking for.

Fantasy Girl: Close. Give Decker the slight edge with Peyton.
Tammy: See, that’s what I was thinking too!!

A few minutes later she pipped up again.

Tammy: The thing is Wayne may get more targets, but will he have more catches?
Me: That’s up to him.
Tammy: Not necessarily.
Tammy: (another few seconds of silence) I’m just gonna go with my gut.

She then heard the guys on ESPN’s Fantasy Football Now say that Wayne is going to have over 15 points this week and that he was going to see a lot of targets today.

Me: Did you hear that?
Tammy: (throwing her hands up and shaking her head) I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it. If I lose, I lose. I’ll take Peyton over Luck any day.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough if her gut was right or if it was just gas.

Reggie Wayne just scored a TD with :07 seconds left in the second quarter.
Tammy’s response: Awwww… F^ck me!!

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