Is That What They Call It These Days?

Tonight while watching TV with Tammy we saw a teaser from our local CBS station about a huge marijuana bust that was made in South Chicago.

Police location this field of marijuana plants near Stony Island. (Credit: Susanna Song/CBS)

Apparently they found a field of pot that was as big as two football fields and had an estimated street value of $7-$10 million.

Tammy: Oh yeah, did you hear about that? I saw it this morning.
Me: No, I didn’t hear about it, but that’s crazy. Two football fields of ganja. (looking at Tammy) Do they even call it that anymore?
Tammy: No.
Me: Then what do they call it?
Tammy: Mary Jane.
Me: Oh is that the new word nowadays?
Tammy: Yeah.
Me: That ain’t new, they used to say that a long time ago.
Tammy: Well, nobody calls it ganja anymore.

Tammy then turns to Jake who was sitting at the computer behind us.

It’s the Snoop D.O. Double G.

Tammy: Hey Jake? What’s Mary Jane?
Jake: Weed.
Me: What’s ganja?
Jake: Weed.
Me: See. He knows the ganja. Plus ganja sounds cooler. You know why? Because Snoop Dogg says it. You know who says Mary Jane? Tom Petty. Snoop Dogg is way cooler than Tom Petty.

I looked over at Tammy who was just staring at me.

I know that stare all to well. It’s her thinking before she speaks look and more times than not it means she can’t believe what just came out of my mouth.

A few minutes later Jake said he was leaving to go hang out with his friends.

Tammy: Right now?
Me: It’s fine.
Tammy: What are you gonna be doing?
Me: It’s because we was talking about the marijuana and stuff so now he wants to go out.
Tammy: I know.

For the record, that’s not what he said he’s going to be doing. He said he was going to be playing Madden with them.

Come to think he didn’t NOT say he was gonna be doing that. I guess if I find a bunch of crumbs everywhere in the morning I’ll have my answer.

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13 Responses to Is That What They Call It These Days?

  1. CaptKitty says:

    The government should legalize it. They can make an amazing tax profit off every joint and blunt sold. Just imagine the people of this country walking around stoned off their asses in a zombie like state. That’s comedy.

  2. No need to imagine it, it’s going on right now! LOL
    Back East, I was part of a 4-man fantasy baseball “ownership group”. Our team’s name? Going…Going…Ganja! I had to call the league’s “commissioner’s office” every week to make weekly changes. Different people each week on the CSR end. I could tell the stoners from the non-stoners taking the call when I would hear the guy I called call one of his buddies over to see his computer screen showing our team’s name. The stoners cracked up…the rigid, stick-up-their-ass fantasy geeks didn’t get it! Ahhh, funny times. Oh, to be young again! 🙂

    • JWo says:

      Sounds like you may have been talking to some of the people on that Workaholics show. haha… They work in a call center and would definitely get a kick out of that team name.

  3. tupelotina says:

    I prefer Snoop over Petty….

  4. becca3416 says:

    I forgot about calling it ganja! I remember that was the main slang for it back when I was in middle school.

  5. La La says:

    HeeeeEEEeeeyyyy, smoke weed everyday (I don’t).

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