Where My Hose At?

I’ve always said that regardless of the age my driver’s license says, mentally I’m all of 17 years old.

Today was just another example of that being the case.

Fireman Gavin ready for Halloween. (Photo courtesy of Jack)

We are watching our nephew, Gavin (2), and niece, Ellie, who is so small I still call her “It” and “Thing.” Having both of them at the same time can sometimes be a stressful time for us me, but I found a way to have some fun with it this morning.

Gavin has been going through a fireman stage recently, even going as one for Halloween.

One of the first things he looked for this morning when he got to our house was the fireman hat we have for him.

Once he found his hat he came out wearing it and told us he needed our help.

Gavin: There’s a fire. Hurry!!

As Tammy and I headed toward Gavin he started asking for his fire hose, which is actually part of an old vacuum cleaner.

Gavin and his fire hose… and Savannah’s butt.

That’s when the 17-year old part of my brain kicked in.

Me: Where my hoes hose at? Where my hoes hose at?
Gavin: Where my hose at?
Me: (laughing) Yeeaaaahhh, where my hoes hose at?

Jake’s even been getting in on the fun.

Jake: I got hoes hose all over the world.
Gavin: I got hose all over the world.

Maybe I need to get Fireman Gavin a “Where my hose at?” shirt so he can go as a Pimp Fireman next year.

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7 Responses to Where My Hose At?

  1. shoes says:

    This is just too awesome!

  2. La La says:

    Hahahaha so awesome!

    • JWo says:

      I wish I had recorded it because we were just walking around the house saying “Were my hoes at?” I made him say it for his Mom when she came to pick him up and her response was, “Oh man.”

      Next time we have him I’m gonna make him wave his hands in the air and flash some signs or something. haha…

    • Leonardy says:

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  3. It is just after 5am in the morning, I needed that.

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