Growing ’Fro for Forty

Chicagoland in November is cold enough, but as I wrote about yesterday I might experience an extremely colder month.

After realizing that I might have to take matters into my own hands this month (read yesterday’s post to see what I’m talking about), I debated whether or not I should make my other announcement.

Day 1 of The ’stache. Actually it’s like 2-3 days growth, but it counts as the first day (Nov. 9) for the challenge.

But after careful consideration I’ve decided to press forward…

Tammy doesn’t know it yet, but the hair on my upper lip isn’t the only thing I’ve decided to grow. But unlike my moustache, I’m going to let the hair on my head continue to grow after the month of Movember is over.

In fact, I’m letting it grow for the next 200 days (at least) or until my 40th birthday.

When my friend Daniel came to run the Chicago Marathon in October he had let his hair grow (he normally shaves it before his races) and I started thinking about how much I LOVED when I grew my hair out about 10 years ago.

So during that weekend I decided I was going to let my hair grow again.

The last time I let it grow, my goal was to let it grow long enough so I could get it braided when Tammy and I took the kids to Mexico (pictures below).

This time around I’m growing it out to give the finger to turning forty, to show that I’m forty and have a full, thick (and big) head of hair.

Of course growing my hair comes with a cost… Tammy hates it.

When I grew it out for Mexico she wouldn’t look at me in the mornings because my bed head was REALLY bad. If I tried to kiss her before I put on a cap she’d close her eyes and look away.

So my doing this may mean that not only is November going to be a cold month but it could be very chilly as 2013 rolls around.

Where I usually get my hair did.

While I won’t have Tammy’s sister, Kristan, actually cut my hair, I’ll still stop by her salon, Salon Mackk, so she can thin it out real good. My hair gets VERY thick, like an afro, which means it’s also VERY hot. If Kristan didn’t thin out the undercarriage I’d get heatstroke.

If what I found on the interwebs is correct then my hair should grow about a 1/2-inch per month and since I’m about two months into my “Fro-ty” growth I could have about more 3 inches of hair on my head by the time I hit fro-ty, I mean forty.

Since I won’t have as long to grow it as I did for Mexico (over a year) I’m hoping some of my readers can help me with tips on how to get my hair to grow faster. Feel free to leave them in the comments!!

Before Kristan and The Girls had the salon, she used to use me as her guinea pig so I’ve had LOTS of different hair “styles” over the past few years.

I’ve been a blonde…

…with spikes…

…and more spikes.

…with frosted tips…

…and with sideburns.

I’ve been a redhead.

I’ve had brown hair (natural color) with lots of product…

…brown hair with a little product…







… and brown hair with no product….

… and short brown hair with no product.

I’ve had green hair… OK, that’s not real…

Not really sure what’s going on here…

This is what I want it to look like again…

It’s real and it’s spectacular.

I could pull that curl down below my chin.

What it looked like without product…

Humidity and me and weren’t friends…




























































What Tammy saw every morning.

My awesome “gangsta” hair in Mexico.









It looked AWESOME when it was wet… and with a bird on my shoulder.

My favorite long-hair picture. I needed LOTS of product for this look.

Can’t wait to see how long it gets by the end of May!!

Let the growing begin!!

Don’t forget to leave any hair growing tips in the comments.




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15 Responses to Growing ’Fro for Forty

  1. Storkhunter says:

    I don’t have hair growing tips, but morning look aside, I think your ‘fro is awesome. The wet with bird look totally works. Even Tammy can’t resist that.

    • JWo says:

      Haha… The big ’fro picture was from Halloween when I went as a toilet brush. haha…

      Tammy’s already been giving me evil looks tonight and has been making all kinds of comments toward me.

  2. melissakilgore says:

    Massage the scalp every time you shampoo

  3. becca3416 says:

    So many comments. Okay, here goes.

    1. To grow your hair, take prenatal vitamins. I swear it wont make you lactate (joking don’t really take these, but vitamins for men should help).
    2. I vote for the dreads. Hands down.
    3. A bird on the shoulder makes even mullets look suave.
    4. Poor Tammy
    5. I can say that, because I too have naturally curly hair that looks horrific in the mornings without straightening.

    You are lucky to still be able to grow that fro, so I am all for it. Great idea Jason!

    • JWo says:

      Thanks Becca… I’ve already been thinking about making a ’Fro 4 Forty logo for the site and maybe some shirts!! haha…

      That’s kinda been my thought on growing it… BECAUSE I CAN!! There’s a lot of my friends from high school, who’s hair I was SO jealous of back then, that are bald now. They will be jealous of MY hair for a change!!

      I wouldn’t have thought your hair was curly from your pictures. haha… Tammy’s sister said she’s gonna hook me up with some anti-frizz, straightener stuff so we’ll see how that goes. I didn’t experiment with that stuff last time.

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  5. To get Tammy on your side tell her you are going to grow it long enough to donate.
    There really isn’t anyway to make your hair grow faster.
    Don’t cut it at all, I think it is actually quite nice.

    • JWo says:

      I don’t that would be enough to get her on my side (giving it to charity). When I told her I could do that her response was, “Who’d want hair like that!!”

      Maybe I should tell her we’d be able to meet Peyton Manning or something. She loves her some Peyton. haha…

  6. I have to say I love your wet with bird look too, but I suppose a macaw would be awkward as a permanent accessory. I also like the very short natural look. Sorry I have no hair-growing tips. Mine has been short for so long it’s forgotten how to grow.

    • JWo says:

      I never grew my hair out in high school (other than a sweet mullet) so I really loved it looked when it was long. Although in Tammy’s defense it did look pretty rough if it wasn’t wet or didn’t have product in it.

      Even now, just a couple of month into the JFro I have to wet it when I get up and then put a cap on to help control it. haha…

      The short look is a lot easier to maintain, but growing it out is a lot more fun, partially because it makes Tammy crazy. HAHA!!

  7. Patrick says:

    Damn J… we gotta get the Camero Fro shot up on this post!

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  9. Your wife is a VERY understanding woman. You get her a diamond bracelet every year for your anniversary, right?

    My favorite is definitely the Bo Derek dreadlocks. I bet you looked great running down the beach in that one piece bathing suit.

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