Already Feeling the Wrath

The past few days haven’t been easy for me. Not only is my upper lip really itchy and my hair is starting to have a mind of its own, but I’m also suffering the Wrath of Tammy.

My favorite long-hair picture. I needed LOTS of product for this look.

While she wasn’t thrilled with my Movember announcement, it was my ’Fro-4-Forty post that sent her over the edge.

I catch her giving me mean looks from across the room then shaking her head as she looks away.

She even told me she was talking to The Girls at work, not to be confused with The Bitches, her high school friends that she drinks until she pukes, about her dislike for my hair.

Tammy: Before I didn’t know what it would look like (when I grew it out 10 years ago), but now that I know [what it looks like], I HATE it.

No Tammy, but what she’s threatening to do…

After she first read my ’Fro-4-Forty post, she kept asking me if I was really going to grow it out.

Tammy: 200 days? Really?

Now she’s threatening to let things grow on her end, like armpits, legs, and other things.

Tammy: I’d say I’m gonna let my “armpit” hair grow, but I know I couldn’t stand it and would end up shaving it.

But even though Tammy hates what I’m doing for Movember and my ’Fro-4-Forty, I immediately thought of her when I heard these lyrics from Kid Rock’s new song, “Happy New Year,” of his upcoming album Rebel Soul.

I know you’re thinkin’ I must be crazy
Don’t sweat the small stuff, kiss me baby
Yeah, it’s September November, but with you here
Every night is A Happy New Year

I love you baby…

Hopefully the rest of the days will go by fast…

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5 Responses to Already Feeling the Wrath

  1. muddledmom says:

    If she ever considered pit hair, you’d be in serious trouble. That is one fierce picture. Whew.

  2. becca3416 says:

    I can think of a lot of other fros that are WAY worse than a head/scalp fro.

    • JWo says:

      She’s already been calling it the JFro to The Girls at work. Apparently she’s been bitching pretty good about it because they are telling me to sleep with one eye open.

      As long as I hide the wine and she doesn’t go out with The Bitches anytime soon I should be OK. Gulp… Hopefully.

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