My Movember Update #1

One week ago today I decided to join thousands of other men in growing out my moustache for Movember.

I joined 25toFly’s team that Becca put together to help raise money for men’s health issues. There’s still time to join the Bloggers for Movember USA team and make donations, no matter how small.

I haven’t shaved my upper lip for a week now and I think my JMo is coming along nicely. I think it helps the JFro, what Tammy so affectionately calls my hair since I decided to grow it out until I’m 40 (’Fro 4 Forty), pop even more.

I have learned that it’s customary for Movember participants to post updates of how their Mo’s are growing, so without further delay, I present to you Week 1 of the JMo.

Week 1 of the JMo.

I don’t know that I’ve ever grown my Mo this long before.

Can’t really see the JFro but it’s coming in nicely too.

You can see a little of the JFro in this one.









Happy Movember to all my Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!!

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8 Responses to My Movember Update #1

  1. Le Clown says:

    I envy the fullness of your ‘stache… My prediction is that by day 30, you’ll look like Captain Caveman. I am never wrong.
    Le Clown

    • JWo says:

      Thanks… This made me laugh out loud then I started walking around yelling, CAPTAIN CAAAAAAAAVVEEEEEMAAAAANNNN!!!

      Tammy wasn’t very happy at that.

      Since I didn’t start my Mo until November 9, I guess technically I should grow it out until Dec. 9 so I officially have it for 30 days. We’ll see how it goes…

      • Le Clown says:

        My facial hair has stopped talking to me since seeing your picture. I have a feeling we might even be sleeping in different rooms tonight…
        Le Clown

  2. Storkhunter says:

    Your Mo makes you look distinguished. Maybe that’ll help with Tammy

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