Need to Put Some Feel Good in my Soul

Just got out of bed after a 90-minute “nap.” I don’t know if it really qualifies as a nap since I was on the verge of shivering under the blankets the entire time.

Mini Beyoncé will be helping me with my drankin’ decisions tonight.

Mini Beyoncé will be helping me with my drankin’ decisions tonight.

Tammy: Are you cold?
Me: What gave it away? My two shirts, hoodie, pajama bottoms and wool socks?
Tammy: Well, yeah.
Me: I’m gonna go see if we have some Grand Marnier.
Tammy: That’s sposed to be for sore throats. (My uncle said he gave it to his 10-year old son when he had a sore throat and it cleared things right up, but then again maybe it gave him a buzz that made him forget his throat hurt.)
Me: Yeah, but it might have some magical powers I don’t know about.

If it doesn’t work I’ll chase it with Jack and Cabo.

As I was climbing through the step-ladder to reach the liquor we have stored above the fridge, I couldn’t help but think of Eric Church’s song, Drink a Little Drink, which I sing as “drank a little drank” because it makes me sound countrier (that totally should be a word).

I wanna feel it sway, wanna feel it sway
And put some feel good in my soul…

Act like tomorrow’s ten years away
And just kick back and let the feelin’ flow
Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke

Bout to put some “feel good” in my soul to try to shake whatever set up shop there this afternoon.

Cheers, bottoms up and all that…

Hoping I make it to midnight, but in case I don’t, Happy New Year from The Life of JWo.

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