The Numbers From Our Busy Day

stock-footage-footage-in-high-definition-of-tired-couple-sitting-on-floor-after-moving-house-with-boxes-aroundI’ve spent the last week boxing things up around the house, but today was the first day that Tammy and I were able to spend the entire day together packing for our upcoming move to the South.

Below is a break down from today’s busy yet productive day.


Items Tammy asked if she should keep for our move (denim shirt and overalls)

Not really sure what Tammy’s thinking. We are moving to the South, not to Canada. See Canadian Tuxedo.


Trips to random dumpsters in our town to drop off junk

My garbage can is already full (next pick up isn’t until Tuesday) so used some dumpsters at apartment complexes to help disperse our stuff.


Times Tammy told me I was annoying her

She doesn’t like it when I make suggestions, any suggestions, in regards to her packing.


Boxes of random items dropped off at the local thrift store


Number of times Tammy asked me “what’s in that box?”

After the first two boxes, I started looking through the boxes before I brought them down. As I walked by Tammy I would tell her what was inside.


Lawn bags full of clothes dropped off at the local thrift store

A lawn bag is about twice the size of a regular trash bag. I had to clarify that because Tammy didn’t know there was a difference.


Lawn bags Tammy went through before I could drop them off

She literally went through every item of clothing that was in each bag.


Items Tammy took out of the lawn bags (4 pants, 2 turtlenecks, 3 shirts, 3 shorts, 2 sweat pants, 2 tank tops, 2 boots, 1 gym shoes)

“That’s not a bad ratio if you think about it. Six lawn bags is a LOT of stuff.”


Number of times Tammy has worn those items in the past 3 years

Three years is a completely low-ball estimate. It’s prolly more like 5-6 years since she’s worn any of those things.


Hours spent cleaning and sorting in the attic

Tammy at least had the TV to entertain her today, so after working the first couple of hours in silence I brought up my laptop to have a little music to help pass the time.


Approximate number of trips to the attic

Another low-ball estimate.


Approximate number of stairs climbed

From what my knees are telling me tonight, this may be a more accurate estimate.


Ibuprofen taken


Dollars spent on Chinese food (for two people)

We ordered enough to eat for the next couple of days since we’ve already packed most of our dishes.

We still have a LOT to do, but today we definitely made a lot of progress. I just hope I’ll be able to get out of bed in the morning.

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10 Responses to The Numbers From Our Busy Day

  1. For a move these are actually not bad. Impressive actually.

  2. I feel for you, Jason! We moved about 4 years ago and I think I’m still sore. Instead of an attic, we had a basement – a huge one with a tiny house on top. I found stuff down there I forgot we owned and more stuff I’m pretty sure we never did. And it all had to be carried up the stairs. It took me days (and I had started chipping away at it, months before our move.) We had a huge yard sale and then packed the rest off to Goodwill. (But nobody was checking my boxes and bags, thank goodness. My partner was ready to get rid off everything but the children and the dogs.) Love the numbers. Funny stuff!

  3. JWo says:

    We actually have a basement too, a fully finished one at that… sigh… That’s where I’m actually storing everything I’ve boxed up so far.

    I’m gonna have some big ol’ legs like Beyoncé when I get finished, which would be a lot sooner if Tammy wouldn’t go through all of the dang’d ol’ boxes. At this point I’m just waiting until Monday (when Tammy is at work) before I bring anymore stuff down from the attic. HAHA…

  4. Was any of that food from The One Buffet? Only been there a couple of times, but I like it a lot. The more you get done, the sooner it’ll be over. Still sorry to see you go, but pray for all the best for you both. And watch out for those tornadoes! Peace out. 🙂

  5. Now I want to move so I can make my husband go through all his stuff and get rid of things. I LOVE getting rid of things…not my things of course 🙂

    • JWo says:

      Hahaha…. Would you have to check everything he was getting rid of though?

      I wish I had know that we would have been moving at the end of 12 months because I could have been “thinning out the herd” instead of doing it all at the last minute. haha…

  6. CaptKitty says:

    I think the biggest pain is moving furniture. It’s the hardest to load and most annoying to fit into a new home. Then you also have to worry about transporting the furniture and the delicate items like dishware and televisions.

  7. JWo says:

    I hear ya… I’m already worried about getting the couches out of the basement because it took the three guys who delivered them a while to get them down here. haha…

    I think we are going to take some of the breakable stuff with us this weekend when we go down to scout apartments. That way we can leave them at my Mom’s and not have to worry about them in a truck…

    The TVs… I don’t even want to think about the TVs. The big plasma is the one I’m worried about. The other is an LCD and is light enough for one person, but still I’d hate to lose those. We love us some TV. haha…

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