My Best Laid Plans…

You know that whole “best laid plans” quote? Well, so do I after what happened Saturday.

“The best laid plans Of Mice and Men often go awry.”

I don’t know why I’m surprised because things usually don’t go as well as I plan, but I was pretty confident about my weekend being successful.

Tammy had been in Illinois all week finishing packing up her clothes, spending time with Jake and getting the house ready for her sister to move in.

We decided to let Jake take the 42” TV to college with him, instead of bringing it down with us to Memphis, which meant I had been giving permission to get a new, code word for small, TV for my man cave.

But I hatched the idea that I should get a bigger TV for the living room and move our older 50” TV into my room instead.

I floated the idea by Tammy and she wasn’t too happy with it, so I decided to keep it under wraps.

I didn’t tell her I stopped by Target, Best Buy and Costco to scope out some of the bigger TVs while trying to find someone to help me mount it above our fireplace before she got back Saturday night.

I did my research on the TVs and had it all planned out, with my Dad coming up on Saturday to help get it on the wall.

I met him at Costco and as we were looking at the TVs I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. Tammy was calling me to tell me about her stop at an oil change place and how all of the guys there barely paid her any attention because they loved Savannah so much.

After a couple of minutes I told her I needed to go because I was in Kroger and got back to the task at hand, buying a new TV.

We checked out and had almost made it to his truck when I felt my phone ringing again.

Tammy: You are such a liar. You said you were at Kroger.
Me: I was.
Tammy: Did you just spend [large dollar amount] at Costco?
Me: Uhhhhhhh…
Tammy: You bought a TV didn’t you?
Me: Uhhhhhhh, well…
Tammy: I got an alert from Chase asking me if I had just spent [large dollar amount] at Costco. (pause) I can’t believe you bought at TV.
Me: Dangit… It was sposed to be a surprise. Dad’s here to help me because I wanted to have it mounted for you as a surprise.
Tammy: Oh, I see… it’s for ME.
Me: Well, yeah… I figured you’d like that it’d be mounted. Plus, you weren’t sposed to find out about it until you got home.
Tammy: But that means you’re gonna put the old TV in your room and it’s gonna be way too big.
Me: It’s really not. I moved it already and it looks good it there.
Tammy: I doubt it.
Me: It really does…
Tammy: I can’t believe you spent [large dollar amount] on a TV. I want to cry right now.
Me: Oh man, don’t cry.
Tammy: I can’t talk to you right now, I gotta go.

She hung up the phone and I turned to Dad.

Me: Well, she knows about it.
Dad: Uh-oh.
Me: Yeah, apparently she gets a text if I spend a certain amount of money. I was OK with her finding out when she walked in the apartment, but now she’s got 9+ hours to stew over it and that can’t be good.

It wasn’t.

After Dad and I got everything finished we ate lunch and I texted her at 1:48 p.m. asking how things were going (it was the first time she had driven from Chicagoland to Memphis by herself).

She never responded.

I texted again around 5:30 to let her know she could park in the garage and again at 5:41 to make she was OK with the directions.

She responded at 6:07 p.m. with “So far.”

I sent two more texts and got another cold response five minutes later.

At 6:53 p.m. she sent me a text that said, “Let me in.”

Needless to say Savannah was the happiest to see me.

She’s already been making digs at me about how we would like to have some flower boxes, a dresser, etc., and how we are going to have to “do without” because I spent [large dollar amount] on a TV.

All I cared about was that at least she’s talking to me again, oh and that we’ve got an awesome TV to watch stuff on.

The awesome new TV that I’m not getting to watch tonight because Tammy’s watching Nancy Grace talk about the Jodi Arias trial, for the fifth straight day. Even Savannah is tried of it...

The awesome new TV that I’m not getting to watch tonight because Tammy’s watching Nancy Grace talk about the Jodi Arias trial, for the fifth straight day. Even Savannah is tried of it…

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5 Responses to My Best Laid Plans…

  1. CaptKitty says:

    Remember – Happy wife, happy life. When are are angry, rest assured, your days will be miserable, LOL!

  2. OMG! I totally sympathize with Tammy! Cap’n Firepants did almost the same exact thing to me one year. Except he got me the t.v. he had been wanting for MY birthday. The t.v. that I said was stupid because it had the DVD and VCR built in. And two months later, dimples broke the DVD player. Yeesh. What is it with you men and big t.v.’s?

  3. I’d want to kill you too. When my husband and I were first married he banned me from the apartment for the day. I was so exciting about him putting up cabinets….yeah, nope, he bought “ME” a TV.

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