I Don’t Like Feeling Poor

I can’t really explain it, but there are certain things in life that make me feel poor. Stuff like watching “The Waltons,” “Welcome Back Kotter” or non-HD TV, are all things I try to avoid in order to make myself feel as if we are better off than our reality.

The Waltons, making people feel poor since 1972.

All of those things were simple enough to avoid by simply not watching those shows or only watching HD programming, except for when our Evil cable provider randomly goes out which forces me to watch “poor people TV.”

But I recently discovered another “makes me feel poor” quirk that needed to be addressed.

I summoned up the courage to tell Tammy about it, hoping she would understand (since the whole TV incident) and not make fun of me like she usually does.

I wanted a bed. Not a mattress, but the actual frame around it.

Kinda what our bed looked like…

For the past 10+ years we’ve slept on a mattress, box springs with some kind of wheeled metal contraption under it. No headboard, no foot board, no railing, nothing.

Tammy laughed when I told her that I wanted one because it made me feel poor to see our box springs all the time. I was so ashamed that I used to crop it out of pictures of Savannah, Gavin or Ellie.

She told me we could just get a bed skirt to cover the box springs, but I knew that wouldn’t really fix anything.

It‘d be like getting a smaller TV to watch the standard definition channels instead of springing for the HD programming.

No, I wanted an actual bed frame and if we happened to get matching bedroom furniture with it then so be it.

Since we left our armoire (fancy word, right?) for Tammy’s sister to use while they rent our house, we needed something to put our stuff in, so Tammy was more than happy to start hunting shopping.

We hit a few stores last week and found some things we liked but didn’t pull the trigger. This past weekend we made our way to a few other stores to see if anything stood out.

We actually found a bedroom set we liked and were all set to make a move on it but wanted to find the set we had originally liked to see how it compared.

We both agreed that we like the original set better so we put in our order.

So now in two weeks (and 12 months interest free) I will no longer feel poor when I go to bed every night.

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11 Responses to I Don’t Like Feeling Poor

  1. melissakilgore says:

    Great. Now I’m gonna feel “poor” when I go to bed

    • JWo says:

      It doesn’t work like that… If you’ve never felt poor because you didn’t have a headboard then you shouldn’t feel poor now. 😉

  2. I wouldn’t say that it made me feel poor when we didn’t have real bedroom furniture; I just felt like I hadn’t grown up yet. I finally felt like an adult with a real job when we finally got a headboard. Of course, I’ve been working since I was 12, but you know what I mean.

    • JWo says:

      That’s prolly a more accurate statement… I will finally feel more growed up once we have bedroom furniture. I just associated with feeling poor because that’s how I felt when I was younger.

      Aren’t you quite the therapist… haha…

  3. Love it!! I’m the same way. We splurged right before the first bambino was born…I knew we would never put ourselves first again. The Waltons rock by the way. I had a crush on John Boy when I was 5!

    • JWo says:

      Tammy was saying she was looking at this being the set we’ll have til we are old, which actually isn’t that far away, so that’s why we went for the “better one of the two.”

      She also told me that the bedroom stuff does NOT count against what I spent on the TV… She’s keeping a running tally. haha…

  4. CaptKitty says:

    You know what sucks about headboards? Headboards make too much damn noise.

  5. JWo says:

    I did do test a few of them in the store, kind of a kicking the tires if you will, but the look on Tammy’s face told me I needed to stop. haha…

  6. My husband says he is simply annoyed by having a ‘real’ bed. With a ‘real’ bed he feels that I force him to make the bed, that if there were not all the fancy parts I would not feel compelled to make the bed (or force him to do so if he is last out).

    This is not the case by the way. Even when I slept alone on a box spring and mattress on a frame, I made the bed every day. He wasn’t married to me then.

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