Things I Have Overheard Pt IX

This week’s version of Things I Have Overheard is all over the map but, as usually, there was plenty of stuff to keep me laughing and my fingers busy.

My coworkers know I keep an #overheard file open on my computer at all times and know they have “made it” when they see me turn away from a conversation and/or hear me typing.

Some people love that they make the list, while others dread the release, hoping they didn’t get #overheard.

One day last week Tammy thought we had a lot of sexual conversations at work, so I asked her why she said that. She read off some of the #overheard comments I had posted to my Facebook and Twitter. I started laughing because only one of the conversations she thought were sexual actually had anything to do with sex and that comment was pretty obvious. See if you can find it by checking out Part VIII.

Now, on to this week’s Things I Have Overheard.

It’s been a long time since I’ve got to go to a meeting, so I would really enjoy that. #overheard

I’m pretty sure the last time [it] was here we had funnel cakes for lunch. #overheard

It seems counter-intuitive to me, but old people love driving dangerously large vehicles. #overheard

They wadn’t hardcore racing, but they made their tires chirp. #overheard

I’ll take the lips and assholes for $2.50 please. #overheard

That was waay smaller than I thought it would be. #overheard

Just put it in your mouth and swallow. #overheard

There’s something about eating a pickle on a stick that grosses me out. #overheard

He doesn’t seem the kind to have rotten ass like that. #overheard

There’s cussin’ in it, that means it was one of you two. #overheard

CW 1: This won’t fit.
CW 2: You just gotta spread it out. #overheard

I’ll carry it around with me and see if I can stick it to something. #overheard

I knew that woman was an idiot. #overheard

He’s not tiny, but he’s not impressive. #overheard

At least you aren’t being compared to a retard bicycle rider. #overheard

I’m good with the three-squirting tip. #overheard

That [Twilight] calendar is up on the wall now. That kinda removes all of her credibility as an adult. #overheard

If I put corn on the cob in the microwave I should have popcorn, right? #overheard

That’s only 1.25 inches, you think that’s too much? #overheard

There was a freight train of hookers on the corner yesterday. #overheard

Do you work at the truck stop? #overheard

He’s looking for a place with less sin. #overheard

I’m gonna fart at some point. You’re prolly gonna feel it. #overheard

I was spending money just trying to get [coworker] laid. #overheard

I jammed some meatloaf down my throat around 11:30. #overheard

I’m trying to see my d!ck again. #overheard

CW 1: This guy f^cking loves buhhole.
CW 2: Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. #overheard

CW 1: Are you doing anything good for your birthday?
CW 2: [My wife] is going to the dentist.
CW 1: I’m sure that benefits you in some way. #overheard

It’s not anymore difficult to put two in the box than one. ‪#overheard‬

I personally like them darker… the lips. #overheard

Not everybody needs to be a manwhore. #overheard

I’ve never met anyone that acts younger than you. #overheard

Maybe I’m just so immature that it makes him seem more mature than he really is. #overheard

What color are they sposed to come out? #overheard

You don’t think his offspring color would change like he did? #overheard

I feel like [coworker] today. I just don’t want to get up. #overheard

If it doesn’t involve my ankles I think I can handle it. #overheard

I’m upset that y’all didn’t get to see his excessive monkeyness. #overheard

Awwww… Here go mo’ trouble. #overheard

I forgot to say the rest of the sentence. #overheard

On one hand it’s like I can’t believe these idiots exist, but on the other hand it’s good they do because we have these videos to watch. #overheard

If they were cooked a tick longer I would have ’aten more. #overheard

Nobody wants me.

I wasn’t putting it in mine so I sure wasn’t asking anybody to put it in theirs. #overheard

Anybody want this little box? #overheard

You got a little extra meat on those thighs. #overheard

I like my chicks paler. #overheard

Well I can’t get a job because the drivers in this city turn me into an angry white woman. #overheard

Me: I don’t know this song do I?
Tammy: I don’t think so, but you prolly will by the end of it.
Me: That’s because she repeats herself a thousand times. #overheard

CW 1: When I hear someone say car-a-mel I just want to punch them in the throat.
CW 2: That might be a slight over reaction, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. #overheard

The reason I don’t like Superman is because he does just a little too much. #overheard

Look at Batman, he’s got the hard life. #overheard

I wonder if Bill Cosby ever got tired of eating pudding. #overheard

Remember in a previous conversation I came up with the cure for aids. #overheard

Apparently I was on auto-pilot because I don’t know why I did what I did. I put my water bottle on top of the water cooler and reached for my zipper. It was about that time when I realized what I was doing. #overheard

I’m having one of those “I’ve forgotten to blink” kind of headaches. #overheard

I was not drunk. #overheard

Not the kind of pot he was talking about.

CW: Is that kid on the pot?
Me: Huh? Where? What kid?
CW: [coworker’s name]. Weed. Grass. Reefer. Mary Jane.
Me: Ohhhhhh, I thought you meant there was a kid sitting on a toilet somewhere.

I’m all about pwning boobs. #overheard

You could fake it for some donuts. #overheard

I’ve never done anything but plug ’em, unless it’s a pretty serious hole. #overheard

Isn’t it better to eat a donut on a day you ran instead of a day you didn’t run? #overheard

They were the tightest nuts I’ve ever had to deal with. #overheard

That’s not lying, that’s just showing potential. #overheard

Our Mexican girls are gone, that’s all I know. #overheard

If you get it to go you feel ripped off because it looks like it was made by a hobo. #overheard

I didn’t want to tell you, but my Grandma has that phone. #overheard

I do too. I know some rap songs. #overheard #saidablackgirl

I’m drunk. I can tell because my eyesight is blurry. #overheard

‘Your voice is too high,’ your too f^cking gay. #overheard

I’ll make you c^m in 2 minutes by sticking my pinkie up your ass. You fucker. #overheard

I’m lost in my own apartment. #overheard

I might be drunk, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. #overheard

Dummy!! I was gonna call you stupid but I gotta stop saying that. #overheard

I’m bread, a little bit of brown and red. #overheard

I didn’t put a lot of pressure on it because it didn’t look like it would be desirable. #overheard

When it’s out it’s out hard. #overheard

Today is apparently “Fat Blonde” day. #overheard

She looks like a skanky Miranda Lambert. #overheard


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8 Responses to Things I Have Overheard Pt IX

  1. CaptKitty says:

    “Just put it in your mouth and swallow. #overheard” Hubby tells me that all the time. Lol.

  2. rheath40 says:

    Oh hell, I do swallow. My husband doesn’t have to tell me to. Hahahahahahahaha!

  3. Lafemmeroar says:

    What a list, but this one got me: “It seems counter-intuitive to me, but old people love driving dangerously large vehicles.”

    Dangerously Large Vehicles = DLV——-DMV “Dangerous Moving Vehicle”

    Sorry, it’s just my noodle ticking …

    • JWo says:

      You’d be amazed at how much stuff is #overheard if actually stop and listen.

      Well that and taking things out of context makes them a LOT funnier. hahahaha…

      Every week brings a whole new set of conversations and people around the office even get upset if they don’t make the list one week. HAHA!

      I like the noodle ticking… You might be onto something. Keep it up!!

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