Breaking the Marriage Code

I’m a big fan of the TV show Breaking the Magician’s Code that Fox aired for a while. It wasn’t just because I enjoyed watching them reveal how the tricks were done.

I also liked thinking about the how someone came up with the idea for some of the complex tricks.

I was interested in the thought process behind the ideas to accomplish illusions like cutting someone in half or walking through a wall.

Tammy and I have been together long enough that sometimes we talk in “code” to disguise our conversations from people around us.

Most of the time I can figure it out pretty quickly, but Saturday night Tammy took our code talk to a different level.

We were in downtown Memphis and walking down to the Mississippi River to watch the sunset when we saw a couple getting out of an old Camaro or Firebird.

They were several feet in front of us when the conversation started.

Me: I think she’s a hooker.
Tammy: I dunno, maybe.

We passed them as they stopped to look at the river and Tammy’s view of everything changed.

Lemme run your credit for you ma’am.

Tammy: I think she’s a buhhole whore.
Me: A buhhole whore?
Tammy: Yeah.
Me: Does that mean she only does it in the buhhole? Because that would still make her a hooker.
Tammy: No. What else does a butt have?
Me: A hole?
Tammy: (sighs) No, what else…
Me: I dunno.
Tammy: Where do you swipe your fake credit card?
Me: OHHH!!! A crack! (I call it “Checking your credit” but Urban Dictionary calls is “Credit Card Swiping.” Other variations include “Check Your Oil.”)
Tammy: Uh-huh.
Me: Ahhhh, a crack whore. I see what you did there. What made you change your mind?
Tammy: She wasn’t as busted up as I thought she was gonna be, but she just had that look to her.
Me: Yeah, she was really skinny, like drug skinny.
Tammy: Definitely.

And now you know the secrets.

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