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Good Ol’ Johnny Clean Ace

Everybody has stories they have heard that will forever be stuck in their memory banks. It could be because they were so funny, gross or shocking that you aren’t able to not recall the details. I wrote about one such … Continue reading

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Haven’t Had WHAT in a While?

Sometimes it’s scary how much my wife, Tammy, isn’t surprised by the things I do and say anymore. As I learned last night that also covers what I text. Tammy had texted our new friends, Not So Mary and Eric, … Continue reading

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Things I Have Overheard Pt XX

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I’ve been sitting on a lot of my overheard moments for the past month, partially because I didn’t want to have a “fun-sized” one in what is the 20th post of Things I Have Overheard. But also because Tammy and … Continue reading

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My Wife’s Crunchy Mac and Cheese

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Since I love food so much, I often get asked if I also like to cook, which I do. If Tammy’s around she usually throws in something to the effect of, “He doesn’t LET me cook.” That’s a partially valid … Continue reading

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My Taste of the Memphis, Battledish Style

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Downtown Memphis was buzzing this past Saturday with Dragon Boat Races, a 5K and Octoberfest, but the one that had 100% of my attention was Battledish: Memphis, where I had been chosen as a judge. Six chefs from downtown Memphis … Continue reading

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Late Night Bad Decisions

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Whether it’s taking home the ugly chick/guy from the bar or making someone think they can dance like MC Hammer (insert more modern dancing machine here), we all know that drinking often causes people to make bad decisions. While some … Continue reading

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