Farts are Funny, Especially My Brain Farts

It’s a known fact that sometimes I get stuff mixed up in my head. Over the years Tammy has learned how to unscramble some of my brain farts.

Today she figured out this one.

Close enough, right...

Close enough, right…

Tammy: I don’t want to watch this crap. (movie preview of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)
Me: You like this guy.
Tammy: I do?
Me: Yeah, what’s his name… Ben Stiller.
Tammy: He’s OK. I like some of his movies.
Me: Wait, you like that other guy, Carol.
Tammy: You mean Steve Carell (laughing).
Me: Shut up.

Then a few minutes later there was this one…

Me: Wow, Steven Spiller already has a 100 yards.
Tammy: Who the hell is Steven Spiller?
Me:  -___-
Tammy: I don’t know if you mean Steven Jackson or C.J. Spiller.
Me:  -___-
Tammy: (laughing) I seriously don’t know who you mean right now. It could be Steven Jackson or C.J. Spiller. (laughing even harder) It’s prolly neither. It’s prolly Fred Jackson.
Me: (not laughing) It was C.J. Spiller.
Tammy: (wiping away tears) I don’t want you ever to get that fixed.
Me: I can’t get that fixed. Get what fixed?
Tammy: (still laughing) Your brain. You could take medicine or something to fix it, but I don’t want you to ever do that.

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