Our Super Bowl XLVIII Experience – Part I

This year since Tammy’s favorite Manning, Peyton, is playing in the Super Bowl, I thought I’d give everyone a little taste of what it’s like watching a Broncos game with my wife.

8806__super_bowl-primary-20135:17 p.m.: First swear word, when the Seahawks came out to Bittersweet Symphony.

5:18: I’m trying not to cry right now (during Kirk Russell talking before the Broncos took the field.)

5:19: First tears.

5:32: First “Go Holiday!! Go, Go, Go…”

5:33: First yelling at the refs.

5:36: First clapping at Denver’s defense.

5:40: Get him, get him!! Niiice!! (Broncos stopped Marshawn Lynch for 2-yard loss).

5:45: I’m not worried, it’s only two points.

5:49: Chewing her thumb during kickoff.

5:50: Second swear word, again at officials.

5:52: Really? Why would you say that? (to me)

5:56: I’m glad… he sucks. He didn’t catch that… I didn’t see it… Golden Taint.

5:57: Dangit…

5:59: Third and fourth swear words (at Percy Harvin and at Jack Del Rio).

6:00: Fifth and sixth swears (after long Seahawks pass on 3rd down).

6:01: How are they that far away from the receiver?

6:02: Swear (at sight of flag)

6:03: You suck del Rio.

6:07: Swear, quickly followed by “YESSS!!!” (after Denver knocked away a Seattle TD pass).

6:08: I don’t know how he has time to sing when he’s saving everyone in Africa. (not by Tammy, during U2’s commercial)

6:12: Swear (at Peyton’s first INT).

6:14: Shut up Jason. You don’t have to keep talking about it. (Peyton’s interception)

6:15: I can’t even watch anymore. We might have to go home.

6:16: Me: Ok, I’m eating now, especially if we’re gonna be leaving soon.
Tammy: I’m just kidding (pause) I think.

6:17: Ok, now I really want to kill myself after that commercial. I feel bad that they had cancer, but that was terrible.

6:19: Swear (at Denver’s defense). See, the defense is already tired.

6:19: Swear (at Seattle).

6:22: Swear (disgusted at Broncos pass interference call).

6:25: Laughter (from a picture someone posted on Facebook).

What made Tammy laugh during the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl.

What made Tammy laugh during the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl.

6:26: Yells at Joe Buck for bringing up stats about Denver’s loss to the Colts.

6:27: He’s hurt? He’s not being carted off, so it’s not good enough. (when Seattle player was hurt after kickoff). Boooo… (when he got up to walk off the field).

6:28: Go, go, go, go, go… (after Demaryius Thomas 4-yard gain).

6:29: Swear (when Thomas failed to get a first down).

6:30: He’s worked up. Did you see his Happy Feet?

6:31: Swear (at Thomas).

6:31: Whoooo… First dowwwwn.

6:32: Oh geeez, oh geeez… (Peyton’s first deep pass to Thomas).

6:32: Swear (Montee Ball screen).

6:33: Me: He got him too.
Tammy: I know, shut up.

6:33: Laughter (at Peyton’s face when he got hit).

6:34: Swear (nervous at pass).

6:34: Swear. C’mon [Montee] Ball.

6:35: Swear. Why are you running it? Oh, they got it.

6:36: Swear, swear, swear.

6:36: Tripping? Are you serious? You idiot!!

6:37: Swear.

6:37: This is not good.

6:38: Swear (after Peyton’s 2nd interception).

6:38: Unbelievable.

6:39: The room is awkwardly silent.

6:39: Swear.

6:40: I knew they’d be tough, but (swear).

6:42: No!! No!! No!! (after Holliday’s “fumble”).

6:43: He was down!!

6:46: He’s is so little. He’s like 4’9″.

6:47: They’re saying “Peyton’s choking” on Twitter. He’s getting slammed. How is that (swear) choking?

6:48: Nice, Julius.

6:51: Swear. Swear.

6:52: Me: They didn’t get the flag.
Tammy: Swear. I’m just hearing things I want to hear.

6:52: He’s jinxing him, that’s what he’s doing (when they showed Eli Manning).

6:52: Swear (at the Denver player who had a false start).

6:54: Gets off the couch for the first time (after Denver fails to convert on 4th down) heads to the kitchen, mumbling.

6:57: Mary: I’m reading about Peyton.
Tammy: Be careful, you’ll fall in love.

As you can see, we don’t usually watch Peyton games in “public” because we’d prolly get kicked out.

Surprisingly Tammy hasn’t started drinking yet. Hopefully they Broncos will be able to make some changes at halftime or she might start.

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