Our Super Bowl XLVIII Experience – Part II

She’s currently enjoying a bowl of chili during the Bruno Mars halftime performance. At least she’s getting to be excited about something. Read about our first half experience here.

7:20 p.m.: Me: Are you crying. (at the members of the Armed Services telling family members they miss them at halftime, before Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are.”)
Tammy: No! How do we even know these people aren’t just stationed somewhere in the United States?

7:31: Swear. Un-(swear)-believable. This is ridiculous.

7:32: Playing Candy Crush, not looking at the TV.

7:35: Swear. That’s not good, Peyton.

7:36: Swear. Who was he throwing to?!?!

7:36: Still playing Candy Crush and Mary is helping distract her from the game.

7:37: Brief excitement. Apparently she just passed a level on Candy Crush.

7:39: Laughter (at the C’mon Bring Your Toys commercial).

7:40: My Mom texts Tammy. “You need to whisper sweet nothings in Peyton’s ear. Tell him to win this game.”
Tammy’s response: I’ve been yelling at him all night.

7:41: Why do you keep doing that Thomas?!! (when Thomas failed to get a first down).

7:43: Swear (at Welker failing to catch a pass).

7:43: Explaining Candy Crush “jellyfish” to Mary.

7:44: Swear. That’s three and out again.

7:45: Chuckle (at Axe’s Make Love, Not War commercial).

7:47: Are you swear kidding me? (after Marshawn Lynch’s 18-yard run).

7:49: What the hell? He should have had him. This is disgusting.

7:52: Uggggh… Poor Peyton.

7:54: (shaking her head) They cannot do anything.

7:55: Are you kidding me? Are YOU KIDDING ME? I mean, unbelievable. This is like the Curse of Eli. Swear… Swear. Yup. Swear.

7:56: I mean, this is insane.

7:59: Me: Daniel’s Super Bowl feed just went out.
Tammy: It’s prolly for the best.

8:01: Eric: Has Dan (my coworker) texted yet?
Tammy: He better not. He knows better.

7:59: People at work pretty much know to just not to talk about it. Just shut the F up and act like it never happened.

8:00: Their defense, that’s what I was afraid of. They just haven’t allowed them to do dick. It just sucks.

8:01: And, like we said, it’s gonna be Peyton can’t win. Peyton sucks. He can’t do anything.

8:01: Swears at Candy Crush.

8:01: Swears at Seattle WR after 12-yard catch.

8:02: How does that happen? Seriously?!! Gawddangit!! (after 4 Broncos failed to tackle a Seattle WR who scored a TD).

8:03: And yet again, Jack del Rio (swear)’d us.

8:04: Who, who, who cares about him? Who cares about the Seattle Seahawks. It’s Seattle. The only good thing about Seattle is that they can get high tonight because it’s legal.

8:04: Coworker texts Tammy to ask if she’s turned off the game yet.

8:05: I just feel bad for Peyton. At least he won MVP and some other things.

8:07: Dangit!! Are you kidding me (at Denver penalty with 2:45 left in 3Q).

8:08: Oh Gawd, check Facebook, see what Daniel just said.
Daniel’s FB status: Erin: Ms. Tammy‘s probably mad.
Tammy: I couldn’t even been in the same room with him right now.

8:09: Finally (at Seattle getting a Pass Interference penalty).

8:11: Yes, yes!!! FINALLY (at Peyton’s TD pass to Demaryius Thomas).

8:11: I hope they don’t (swear) run it. This is gonna be a nightmare (before 2-point conversion attempt).

8:12: Get it, Get it… YES!!! (at Welker’s 2-pt conversion). Oh crap, did [Peyton] get hit?!?!

8:16: That was ridiculous (at onside kick attempt). This is a nightmare.

8:16: It’s prolly better that we are here (Eric & Mary’s). I’d just be mean to Jason if we were at the house right now.

8:17: Stick your stats up your ass (to Joe Buck after saying Peyton had 1 TD and 2 INTs).

8:18: This is the worst. I hate Dan (my coworker who is a New England Patriots and Tom Brady fan). (This was random and totally unprovoked.)

8:20: Tammy: Did you see Kathy’s [Facebook] status?
Me: Yeah.
Tammy: I just responded with “You disgust me.”

8:23: Seriously?!?! Three (swear) people just blew right by him. This is my living Hell.

8:23: Really? Really? This is what Peyton deserves? Unbelievable.

8:28: Good (at Richard Sherman getting hurt). Every time he does something he gets hurt.

screen568x5688:28: Eric: You need to download this and play it.Mary: Don’t do it.
Tammy: I have to do it. Anything’s better than this (swear).

8:29: Tammy: What do you have to do?
Eric: He’s a no-flying bitch. That’s what he is.

8:29: Who gives a (swear) about John Stamos anymore?
Eric: 1989 called.

Apparently the Flappy Bird game has taken over everyone’s devices at this point.

8:31: It’s a sad, sad, state of affairs that I’d rather keep a bird flying than watching this game.
Mary: I’m never playing this game again. I don’t care if you guys do. You can’t help but yell. It makes you do it involuntarily.
Tammy: Do you run out lives? This is impossible.

8:32: (laughter) I hate this game. This sucks.

8:32: Seriously? They are calling the Legion of Boom now? That’s stupid.

8:34: I was waiting for that to be said (at Joe Buck saying Denver hasn’t faced a defense like Seattle).

8:34: Oh come on!! You gotta catch that (swear).

8:34: It doesn’t even excite me when he says Tamme anymore.

8:36: It’s just Scarlett Johansson, but at least she did date Ryan Reynolds. She didn’t make me want to buy Soda Stream (during Soda Stream commercial).

8:38: Oh, what a surprise, just run right through them… again. (when Turbin ran through the defense.

And now the Flappy Bird phenomenon is over. Mary was the first to stop playing. Tammy was the second and now Eric has deleted it from his phone.

8:39: Too bad it couldn’t happen in the first quarter (at report of Richard Sherman not coming back in the game).

8:40: I don’t even want to watch Peyton’s interview after the game. I’m going to feel so bad for him.

8:40: I wonder if people had to find nice things to say about Seattle, like write cards for them so they could say something good about there.

8:41: Yeah, see, they had to look this crap up for sure (at Seattle’s past champions). Did you know any of those people? No.

8:43: There’s Eli. Thanks for The Curse. (pause) I mean, he looks so sad though. I feel bad for all of them.

8:45: We can start packing up after this possession. I don’t want to watch their celebration.

8:46: They aren’t even trying. They should just pull him.

8:47: Geesh… Just take him out.

8:47: I think the four of us could block better (after Denver failed on 4th down late in the 4Q).

8:48: Why do they make the old man hold it (Lombardi Trophy) so long?

8:48: Ok, let’s get our crap ready.

8:50: Better Russell Wilson than Cam Newton.

8:50: Thanks for your help [Eric] Decker. You did nothing.

8:50: They are about to make out I think (at Pete Carroll close-up with Seattle player).

The #BestBuds puppy commercial was the best.

8:55: Maybe it’s because I wore my earrings.

8:55: Change it. I don’t want to see them celebrating.

8:55: (Swear) my life.

8:57: At least I didn’t cry like you thought I would. It just so unfathomable to me that this happened. I just want to wear all of this again and wake up to watch a different Super Bowl.

8:58: At least it was good halftime.

8:58: We gotta go. What are you doing? You are prolly writing crap about me are you? You are, you dickhole.

And that’s all folks. With that we are packing up and heading back to our place.

I hope you enjoyed my look into watching Peyton’s Super Bowl with me.

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5 Responses to Our Super Bowl XLVIII Experience – Part II

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    SodaStreams are overrated.

    I am afraid to download that bird game. The kid walked away from his phone while playing it the other day, that’s how mad it made him. He never lets that phone out of his grip and I don’t need to replace the Candy Crush void with another addiction.

    • JWo says:

      I didn’t download it, but from the sounds of the words flying out of everyone’s mouths I’m pretty sure I need to just stay away from it.

      Besides it must be pretty hard if Eric was deleting it off his phone after only 10 minutes of actual game-time.

      I think you’ve made the wise decision by avoiding it as well. 😉

  2. I’ve been part of the food blog community for more than a year now. The only time additional work is required is when your blog domain changes or you want to change which blog the e-mail link directs your reader to.

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