This Valentine’s Day Will Be Different That Most

I’m usually pretty calm when Valentine’s Day rolls around, because it’s never been that big of a deal for Tammy. Unfortunately that was not the case this year.

valentines-glitter-6Typically she’ll tell me whether or not she wants flowers in enough time for me to order and have them delivered. Dinner on Valentine’s Day, for the most part, was simply us eating at home with the kids.

I’ve been hearing flower commercials on the radio for the past few weeks and started dropping hints to see if she wanted anything this year.

Me: I was gonna get you flowers, but I don’t even know your [work] address.
Tammy: I think I’d rather have a plant from Kroger. (Co-worker) has a nice plant in her office and she said she got it from Kroger.

Problem solved, or so I thought.

This past weekend we were out shopping and stopped at a nearby candy store because Tammy was craving chocolate. That little visit resulted in her wanting chocolate-covered strawberries from there, which have to be picked up at a later date.

As I mentioned before, we usually don’t go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t think anything about NOT making a reservation.

Turns out that was a mistake too.

She said she wanted to go to Mesquite Chop House and gave me the number on Tuesday, but I didn’t get around to calling that afternoon. She eventually called them on Wednesday only to find out they were booked.

A portion of Wednesday night was spent with her complaining about me not making reservations anywhere, calling various restaurants and saying there’s “no place” to eat in Memphis now.

We eventually settled on going back to Side Street Grill, which was one of the stops on our recent Dish Crawl, with some friends.

So now with dinner settled and chocolate covered strawberries in the works, I was starting to think I was back on course… until.

The Look

“The Look”

Tammy: Oh crap, I forgot to get you a card [when we were at Wal-Mart].
Me: That’s OK. I would have told you to get one for yourself.
Tammy: You know I love you, right?
Me: Of course and you know I love you.
Tammy: Yeah. We are at the point where we don’t really need to get cards that say “I love you” for each other.
Me: Agreed. I’d only want a card from you if it said I’d get to do “butt stuff” or was good for a bl@wj@b or something.

Based on “The Look” I got from Tammy I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting a card anytime soon.

At least I got her the chocolate covered strawberries.

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3 Responses to This Valentine’s Day Will Be Different That Most

  1. Hmm… PL bound not doubt…

  2. mollytopia says:

    Oh man. Sorry : (…I totally let all my dude pals down by not creating a Valentines Day post to keep y’all on the rails. Maybe I’ll do a Valentine recovery post : ).

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