Still Chasing the Bandit

I’m definitely not what anyone would consider a “car guy.” Sure, I can replace my battery and change a flat, but I’m not someone who really wants to tinker under the car hood.

Like most kids, I enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels, but I rarely got excited about the type of car I was playing with. I may have even had some pictures of a Ferrari or Lamborghini on my wall at one point, but most of my wall space was reserved for Marylin Monroe and Michael Jordan.

Growing up there were really only TWO cars that I can remember saying I wanted, The General Lee, from The Dukes of Hazzard, and the Bandit Trans Am, from Smokey and the Bandit.

Two of the toys sitting on my desk at work.

Two of the toys sitting on my desk at work.

My cousins and I would play The Dukes of Hazzard at my grandparent’s, transforming tractors into the General Lee all while pretending we were speeding and jumping creek to evade Sheriff Rosco P. Coletrain.

My love for Smokey and the Bandit came along a little later in life, but I still remember when my uncle got a Bandit Trans Am. I remember jumping into his car and tearing out of my grandparent’s driveway, seemingly flying down the road. He cut a few donuts in some parking lot before we headed back home.

Maybe that’s why, out of all the “muscle cars” out there, I’d still love to have a Bandit Trans Am.


My favorite car on Beale Street last summer.

I was crushed when I didn’t win the one that Gas Monkey Garage recently gave away, the one that had the glove box signed by the Bandit himself. I hope stupid Mitch from Pittsburgh enjoys his new ride… He better!

So when I recently found out about another Bandit Trans Am giveaway, I got really excited. I immediately signed up and was set to enter multiple times but was told I could only enter once every five days.

All I need is my Bandit Trans Am.

All I need is my Bandit Trans Am.

I wrote down the next day I could enter and sent the link to Tammy so she could enter for me, which I didn’t think would be a big deal considering she knows how much I’d love to have a Bandit of my own.

Me:‎ ‪You should enter this…‬
Me:‎ (link to enter the contest)*
Tammy:‎ ‪No thank you‬
Me:‎ ‪Awww c’mon…‬
Me:‎ ‪I just signed up under your name!!‬
Me:‎ ‪SUCK IT YO!!!‬
Tammy:‎ ‪oh you bitch‬

* Link withheld because I’d be blindly jealous if one of you guys won it.

So now if when I win this contest I’m going to come rolling up in my new ride with the T-Tops out, wearing a wife-beater and blasting Kid Rock, while screaming at Tammy to come outside.

I’m sure her response will pretty much be the same, “No thank you.”

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1 Response to Still Chasing the Bandit

  1. “Now I got that sumbitch…..and I got ’em with his fly open!!!!” 🙂

    Sidebar…Are you running a “Bustin’ the Brackets” College Hoops Tourney thing this year?

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