Prepping for a Packed House

My wife and I knew the house we purchased back in May was bigger than we needed for our day-to-day lives. But we knew it would be perfect in the future for when the kids came to visit for the holidays with their families.

Well, turns out the future is happening a lot quicker than we expected and it’s not even a holiday.

Tomorrow afternoon the influx of family begins as Tammy’s sister, Kristan, her husband Jason, and their two kids, Gavin and Ellie, arrive at Wommack Manor for a four-night adventure.

Welcome to Wommack Manor.

Welcome to Wommack Manor.

Friday night Tammy’s Mom and step-dad get added to the mix then on Saturday Ashlee, Billy and Brooklynn, my beautiful grand-daughter, arrive with their two dogs.

In case you couldn’t keep up with all of the numbers, I’ll do the math for all of the extra bodies that will be in our house.

Adults: 6
Children: 3 (all under the age of 5)Dogs: 2

Being a Pappaw with my granddaughter, Brooklynn.

Being a Pappaw with my granddaughter, Brooklynn.

While we’ve got plenty of room, I’m a little nervous because the only time we’ve had overnight guests so far was when Ashlee and Brooklynn surprised Tammy for Mother’s Day.

We were still in the process of moving then so it was OK that things didn’t run very smoothly. But this weekend we are jumping headfirst into the deep end.

This date has been on the calendar for months, so it’s not like we haven’t been preparing. We’ve got plenty of mattresses, sheets, towels, chairs, etc., for everyone to be comfortable. And, of course, we have plenty of food.

Tammy was annoyed at me recently because I was trying to “think like a 4-year-old” in regards to what was displayed in my Man Cave.

I figured that Gavin might want to play with some unopened McFarlane football figures despite having a box full of open ones, so I hid all the sealed ones. I also left one unopened one in the box. It’s a Jake Plummer figure and since no one cares about Jake Plummer I’d be OK if he wants to open him.

We’ve even been feeding the turtles on a regular basis so they will come up to the pier so Gavin and Ellie can see them.

JWo_Home_PierWhile we are excited to have everyone visiting us, the reality of the house being full is slowly starting to set in. Questions like, “will there be enough hot water?”, “Can the toilets handle the extra usage?” and “How will the AC units be?” have started to creep into my head.

Only time will tell if all goes smoothly and that time is fast approaching.

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6 Responses to Prepping for a Packed House

  1. trjensen says:

    You’ll be fine. It sounds like you are as prepared as you can be.

  2. Amy Reese says:

    What a gorgeous house you have! I’m sure all will go smoothly. You got this. If not, you can always go back to the store for food, or people can sleep outside on the beautiful lawn. Best of luck! You definitely have a full house.

    • JWo says:

      I COULD always wait to go to the liquor store until AFTER people start showing up. But that seems rude, right? It’s prolly rude.

      I’ll just stop and grab some Jack and other spirits on my way home today. HAHA..

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