Dead Bodies: What to do?

If I ever find a dead body, I’ve decided that I’m not going to tell anyone about it. From what I can tell, nothing good ever comes of it.

tumblr_me4we8UMWF1qdj4i3o1_500If anyone EVER asks me that, I’m going simply act like I didn’t hear them, then start walking the other direction.

Tammy and I recently watched two TV shows that only prove my point and you know what they say about stuff being on TV…

trueWe started watching a new show on ABC called Secrets and Lies, partially because it only had a 10-episode commitment but also because it looked pretty good.

The series follows Ben Crawford, a family man who discovers the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime suspect in his death. Ben then goes in search of the real killer in order to clear his name. He puts up quite an effort that ends up revealing a great many secrets of the small community. (Wikipedia)

By the second episode – at best – a detective (Juliette Lewis) start questioning Ben (Ryan Phillippe) about the body which causes the neighborhood to turn on him and his world begins to unravel.

None of which would have happened had he simply kept running through the woods instead of stopping.

The same type of scenario happened recently on A&E’s Bates Motel when Norma Bates called the police after someone drove to the motel (after being shot), then died in her arms in the parking lot.

The next thing you know, the sheriff is there asking her all kinds of questions as if she (or Norman) had something to do with.

tumblr_msc154CRDs1s91f01o2_r1_500Granted, her case was prolly more because Norman had already killed someone who the sheriff helped cover up.

But it got me thinking about how nowadays it seems as if people are automatically assumed guilty just because they found a dead body or someone dies from a gunshot in  your arms.

It seems like the more the person says…

It-Wasnt-Me-Shaggy-Music-Video-Gif… the more everyone thinks they are guilty.

Hopefully I’ll never find a dead body, but if I do I’ll do what the guys from Stand By Me did, call it in anonymously and go on about my business.




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4 Responses to Dead Bodies: What to do?

  1. Very good points here! You can’t go wrong with Stand By Me.

  2. shoes says:

    I find it funny that you not only have obviously given this much thought, but that you have a plan in place if/when you happen upon a dead body.

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