Not a Man of Many (Food) Quirks

It’s no secret that I love food. I’m often thinking about it throughout the day and start planning my weekend meals mid-week. There are not many foods I don’t like and I’m be willing to try just about anything … once.

Me... always.

Me… always.

Even though Tammy isn’t a “foodie” like me, she doesn’t often turn up her nose when I want to try a new dish or new restaurant. I never push what I’m eating on her and she almost always finds something she likes to eat wherever my tastes take us.

J-Law-on-EatingFood is a big part of my life, as evidenced by the countless pictures on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and while I know not everyone is as consumed with good food as I am, what I heard this morning on the radio left me flabbergasted.

This is my thought process as soon as I wake up.

This is my thought process as soon as I wake up.

ESPN’s morning radio show Mike and Mike were talking about how Mel Kiper Jr. (NFL Draft guru) eats pumpkin pie every morning for breakfast and pulls the cheese off of pizza.

I thought the pumpkin pie thing was a little weird but it wasn’t that shocking —  I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had desserts for breakfast (pies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.).

New York Yankees announcer, Michael Kay

But when they started talking about the New York Yankees announcer, Michael Kay, and his food quirks, I found myself unable to close my mouth from not believing what I was hearing.

Co-hosts Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic starting rattling off things Kay has never eaten and it wasn’t long before Kay actually called in to join the conversation.

He admitted that he’s never eaten condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, or salad dressing. He’s also never had eggs, bananas, tomatoes, soup, fish, jelly, or coffee, despite liking the smell of it.

When he gets a salad at a restaurant it’s literally a wedge of iceberg lettuce and that’s it. No dressing. If he orders a caprese salad he only eats the mozzarella. His diet basically consists of steak, chicken, bacon, and other low-carb options.

He admits that he doesn’t like change, so much so that when his wife wants to try a new restaurant he says, “Why should we try it when we’ve got one here that we already know we like?”

I can’t even comprehend that. Last summer Tammy and I intentionally ate at seven restaurants we had never been to during our multiple trips to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

When Kay was asked how he knew he didn’t like those things he responded with, “I’ve never had dog poop, but I know I don’t like it.”

I just shook my head in total shock.

I mean, I get not wanting to try a bunch of new stuff if you are in Podunk Iowa, the armpit of Wisconsin, or backwoods Kentucky, but he’s in New York City, home to some of the top chefs from around the world.

The local food scene is big here in Memphis, there are so many places I want to try and I haven’t even scratched the surface. But the thought of someone living in New York and intentionally choosing to not experience all of the culinary delights it has to offer was simply mind-blowing.


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1 Response to Not a Man of Many (Food) Quirks

  1. As a foodie, this blows my mind! One of the major considerations of vacation is figuring in what types of culinary delights I might be able to partake in.

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