Playing the Percentages

When it comes to watching television, it’s no secret that Tammy and I do a lot of it.

If  Tammy sees a commercial for a new show there’s a 90% chance she’s going to record it; the chances of her actually watching it are a lot lower. I sometimes think she’s a borderline hoarder with all of the stuff she records.

For example, we’ve got the first seasons of Extant, Gracepoint, State of Affairs, Red Band Society, and Gotham all recorded but we haven’t seen a single episode.

Thanks to Dish Network and the large storage capacity (over 2,000 hours) of the Hopper recording shows to watch later isn’t a big issue… until recently.

I noticed our DVR was getting close to hitting the 70% full mark and started to get antsy. I’d go through and purge some shows that I had recorded but didn’t care for or shows that I decided I wasn’t watching anymore.

I have to REALLY like a show to go back and watch 8-10 episodes to get caught up. I’d rather just delete them and watch something else. I’m just not big into binge watching.

Binge-Watching-PortlandiaI had eight episodes of Under the Dome recorded and saw the new season was coming out so I just deleted the recordings and will pick up at the start of the season.

anigif_enhanced-12603-1411016625-1Also got rid of USA Network’s Graceland. The show wasn’t bad, but I knew I wouldn’t watch the 10 episodes we had recorded.

Scorpion, Persons of Interest, and Elementary are all shows I walked away from once I got behind. I also stopped watching Nashville, not so much because we were behind, but because I’d get so annoyed watching it. That Scarlett’s voice (and overall airheadedness) annoyed the piss out of me. Turns out I’m not the only one who felt that way.

So when our DVR recently hit the 75% mark, I was ready to pull the plug on Extant, Gracepoint, State of Affairs, Red Band Society, and Gotham and just delete them.

Tammy didn’t like that idea — I told you she was a hoarder.

Since the weather was a little blah on Sunday she took matters into her own hands and started binge watching Madam Secretary while I was upstairs in the Man Cave watching some of my shows in between a Dukes of Hazzard marathon on CMT. I once wanted to move to Hazzard county because I loved the show so much.

When the sun came out later in the afternoon I headed out to Lowe’s on two separate trips to get a new propane tank for the grill, as well as a new weed eater. Each time I came back Tammy was wrapped in her blanket in her recliner.

I’d come downstairs to get something out of the kitchen to find her on a different episode and in a different position.

ineedhelp-gif-1422580962Apparently she loved Madam Secretary so much that she said if she ever cuts her hair short, then she’d wear it like Téa Leoni.

I know, right? I couldn’t believe she said that either!!

I know, right? I couldn’t believe she said that either!!

I started watching an episode of Dual Survival a little late last night, so Tammy was in bed before me. When I got in there she told me she had churned through almost 20 hours of the show.

I could feel my eyes get bigger as I looked at her. She grabbed the remote and pulled up the DVR.

Tammy: I can’t tell if that’s 68 or 69%.
Me: Holy crap! It’s 68% Way to go babe!

WayToGoGetting it under the 70% mark may have seemed like the hard part, but that was relatively easy. Keeping it under there when Tammy sees new shows starting to roll out.

The struggle is real.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys are a stich……

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