All Too Familiar Debate

The recent Grey’s Anatomy episode sparked great debates as people couldn’t believe what happened (I’m not going to spoil it for those who haven’t watched). But in my house it sparked a different debate and it’s one Tammy is all too familiar with.

I didn’t care about which character died (sorry, just a little spoiler), instead I was more concern with the scene that showed a pretty new Corvette speeding and passing cars down a curvy road, then flipping as it passed in front of an SUV.

By no means am I a car-flipping expert, but from what I saw I didn’t believe the Corvette would have flipped and I let Tammy know.

Me: Wait a minute. There’s no way that Corvette would have just flipped like that. It would have fishtailed a lot more instead. A rock on the ground wouldn’t have caused it to flip.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.31.34 AMAt this point in our relationship Tammy is used to outbursts like that from me while she tries to watch some of her TV shows, so she did what she usually does… ignore me.

It wasn’t until I grabbed the remote, rewound it, and replayed the scene in slow motion that she let me know how she felt… by turning up the volume. She also took the remote back as I had left it sitting near her while I stood and pointed at the TV.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.34.28 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.36.34 AMI took to breaking down the scene a few days later during a Facebook debate about my concerns of not believing the Corvette would have flipped. Turns out I wasn’t the only one to find it unbelievable.

My Grey’s Anatomy outburst was nothing new to Tammy who often finds herself on the receiving end of my inability to engage in the “suspension of disbelief,” or not care about the lack of attention to detail during TV shows.

According to Tammy, these are just a few of my outbursts during some of the shows the she watches:

His tie was tied in the last scene, then it was untied, and now it’s tied again. Did you see that?

Why can’t they speak some United States?

Why can’t they hire Americans for these parts instead of British actors?

Are Americans taking over British TV like they are here?  I bet they aren’t.

Newspapers would never run a headline like that. They’d never run a somone’s mug shot that big either. Seriously, that’s like an 8×10 image on the front page. No one does that.

Aren’t they hot (when guys are always wearing suits and ties, like on Downton Abbey)? I’d be hot. I can’t wear collars like that on my neck. I’d burn up.

Why do they all hang out together if they hate each other so much (any of the Real Housebitches shows)? I mean, why even go out with everyone? They have to know it’s going to end in a fight, right? It always does.

They’d never let her be alone with that guy after she did that (that crazy lady on season 2 of Homeland)? That’s so against the rules and no one would ever allow that.

Why are you watching “poor people” TV? (Poor people TV = non-HD TV)

I’ll pepper her with those questions even if I’m not watching the show with her. Sometimes I just walk into the room and see stuff that annoys me.

Thankfully I’ve got my Man Cave upstairs where I can retreat to watch MY shows — anything with ghosts or hauntings, zombies, survival, and non-NFL sports. I also don’t take it personally when Tammy asks when I’m going upstairs, which is usually quickly followed by “See ya!”

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3 Responses to All Too Familiar Debate

  1. This is now driving me crazy. If the SUV braked heavily I still don’t think it would bring the front end down low enough to get under the vette. However, a clip at such a high speed could definitely cause a complete loss of control and possible flip. I’m so going to work tomorrow and asking one of my accident recon guys to view it. My husband is banned from the living room because everything thing is..”that would never happen in a hospital.”

    • JWo says:

      HAHAHAHA… I love it. Definitely let me know what they say.

      I think the Vette COULD have flipped, but from the look of the first image, the Vette seems too far ahead to have been clipped. But even if it was clipped by the SUV, I think it would have spun out a couple of times before flipping.

      Also, in the second image, the Vette has flipped at least once before the SUV even starts it flip. Plus it looks like it’s a good 10 yards in front of the SUV.

      Tell your husband he’d be welcome in the Man Cave anytime. HAHAHA…

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