Today’s Money Conflict

This morning as I was driving to work former Detroit Piston, Isiah Thomas, came on the Mike & Mike radio show to talk about him becoming part owner and president of the New York Liberty of the WNBA.

Mike & Mike started the interview, but I wasn’t able to pay very much attention, as my mind kept thinking about one thing.

“How much money would I have to have
for me to be willing
to invest in a WNBA franchise.”

I thought about it for the rest of the drive to work and when I got in I sent Tammy an IM about it. Her response kind of shocked me.

Me: Isiah Thomas was on Mike & Mike because he’s now part owner and president of the WNBA New York Liberty. All I could think about was how much money would I have to have for me to be willing to be part owner of a WNBA team? Even if we had $200 million and all they wanted was $2 million, I couldn’t do it. It’d be like putting that money on the ground and setting it on fire and walking away. I’d rather buy 3 houses on the beach than invest in the WNBA.
Tammy: mean
Me: Troof.

Before I continue, I want to say that I have nothing against women’s basketball, college or professional – besides not wanting to own a team. Those women are very talented and athletic. I know they could shoot me out of the gym on their worst day.

The only times I really even watch men’s basketball is during March Madness and the NBA Playoffs. The WBNA never even comes close to being on my sports radar, so being a part owner of a team isn’t something I’d ever consider.

Tammy on the other hand…

Me: So that’s OUR $200 million… You’d be OK with us investing $2M in a WNBA team?
Tammy: I don’t like bball that much, but I wouldn’t say “No way, not ever.”

Her response totally caught me off guard.

beyonce-poem-reaction-gif-4Me: Pssshhhh… I would.  I’d rather have a restaurant or a bar. (after thinking about if for a few minutes) Both of those would actually be more work, so maybe just 3 houses on the beach would be better.
Tammy: If some team needed help I would help.

At this point I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from her.

post-19779-Whoa-gif--When-I-get-on-Reddit-eLN6This is the woman who goes straight to the clearance racks when clothes shopping, didn’t want me to spend money on a basketball net, and doesn’t want me to turn on the AC when it’s almost 90 outside.

Me: (mouth open from shock as I typed) That’s even worse!! That’s DEFINITELY like putting your money on the ground and watching it burn.

2539433-2642583531-24674Tammy: Whatever, now I want to buy a WNBA team, a soccer team, and a shuffleboard team just to annoy you.
Me: (laughing) I’d let you as long as I get to buy our matching Trans Ams.


JWo Trans Am

TWo Trans Am

TWo Trans Am


I’m guessing this will be another reason why Tammy doesn’t want me to win the lottery.

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