My irreversible condition

Some men age gracefully, easily transitioning into middle age and embracing everything that comes with it. Then there’s me. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more cynical, sarcastic, snarky, and easily annoyed.

Hell, in my Food 4 Thought column in the magazine I call myself “The Hungry Curmudgeon.”


My coworkers once said I reminded them of Red Foreman from “That ’70s Show” and it didn’t bother me at all. Today I got an email that showed me as Oscar the Grouch from “Sesame Street” and thought it got me spot on — along with everyone else.

How my coworkers see themselves... and me (bottom right).

How my coworkers see themselves… and me (bottom right).

I responded with this image of Oscar that I felt pretty much sums up how I feel about everything every day.

Oscar the grouch

But when one of the “Fraggle Rock” coworkers sent an email with a couple of gifs from the show, I started to realize just how far removed I am from my younger and more-innocent self.


I used to LOVE “Fraggle Rock,” but I saw this gif all I could think about was, “How could you own a shop and NOT close that giant, gaping hole it the wall?”

Then I found this…

Fraggle Rock 1

…and was even MORE annoyed. Doc can CLEARLY see the hole when he first moved into the place and yet he REFUSED to fix it.

That’s not something this 9-year-old boy noticed when he was watching “Fraggle Rock” back in 1983. But it was the FIRST thing this 42-year-old curmudgeon spotted.

His electric and heating bill had to be crazy, right?

Yup, I adulted something as fun and innocent as “Fraggle Rock.”

I’d say that’s just how life goes, but I’m not so sure everyone sees things through the same warped and twisted views. I know my coworkers didn’t see “The Hole” that way when I went to talk to them about it.

As Tammy can attest (I once argued with her about how a Corvette wouldn’t flip like it did on Grey’s Anatomy), my suspension of disbelief is gone — except when it comes to ghosts stuff.

I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but I’m fairly positive what I have is irreversible.


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2 Responses to My irreversible condition

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I think M and I were watching “attack on Titan” and I questioned a plot point….which led him to point out I was OK with accepting the idea of humans being walled in against gigantic creatures, but not whatever this one thing was I insisted on fixating on.

    Getting old is fun, right?

    • JWo says:

      Tammy HATES when I do that on TV shows we watch together. I’ll rewind stuff to show her how someones tie was done then undone and done again in the same shot. >_< Drives me crazy.

      But seeing the hole in the wall on Fraggle Rock is something I’d have never thought about until now. It’s prolly best for me to NEVER go back and watch shows from my childhood. 😦

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