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Savannah’s Adjusting to Her New Surroundings

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We’ve been in Memphis a little over a month now and while we are still getting settled, it’s pretty obvious that Savannah has already made herself at home. She loves sitting out on the balcony. Sometimes sitting out there all … Continue reading

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Savannah’s Hard Night of Partying

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Savannah doesn’t get out very much and when she does it’s rare that she gets to interact with her “own kind.” But this past Friday night Savannah got to play with her old friend, Codis, who has also been her … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Savannah Claus

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The Life of JWo hopes that everyone has a Merry Christmas.  Did the Savannah Claus stopped by to visit everyone last night?

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Savannah Competes with Tammy’s Man(ning)

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Everyone knows that Peyton Manning playing on TV gets Tammy’s undivided attention. But last Sunday Savannah decided she wanted to compete with Tammy’s Man(ning).

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Savannah Knows She’s Part of the Family

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Everyone knows that Savannah is part of our family, but sometimes I feel SHE thinks she’s actually human. We already know she understands things we say, and not just commands like sit, shake and kisses. A couple of nights ago … Continue reading

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Savannah’s Ready to be My Wingman

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At some point in life everyone has either had or been someone’s wingman. Fortunately for me Savannah was more than willing to step in and be my “wingman” last Thursday night during the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game. I stopped … Continue reading

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Savannah Is Ready for Some Football? Are You?

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The NFL season kicks off with a full slate of games today which means it’s an exciting time in our house. Tammy is already dressed in her Peyton Manning shirt, and matching yoga pants, has been checking her fantasy football … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Home Soon Savannah

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I’m still in Mississippi helping my Mom and my step-Dad, James, as he continues battling stomach cancer. I’ll be leaving Tuesday morning to head back to Tammy… and Savannah. I know they both are missing me, but I don’t have … Continue reading

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Savannah’s Bond with Uga

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When Savannah was just a puppy Tammy’s Mother picked up a little stuffed Uga, the bulldog mascot for the University of Georgia, for Savannah to play with. Ever since then Uga has been a part of Savannah’s life. Savannah would … Continue reading

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Savannah’s Busy Day… In Her Dreams

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Earlier this afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table poking my way through the interwebs when I heard a commotion coming from the other side of the room. I muted the TV as I stood up to try and … Continue reading

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